Sage Error 1639

Follow the simple to implement troubleshooting solutions to rectify the Sage error 1639 from the system to streamline your work.

Peachtree accounting software has been one of the prime accounting solutions available for small and medium enterprises. The software is being used by a vast number of companies to streamline their accounting operations. The solution is easy to use, and hence, experts find it pretty easy to handle. However, now, Peachtree is known as Sage.

There is no doubt about the fact that the software is very easy to use, however, at times you can get some technical problems while using the software. Such technical glitches can lead to a halt in using the solution.

One of the common errors that you may get while using Peachtree is Sage error 1639

What Happens When This Error Hits

  • “Error 1639” pops up and dins the running program window.
  • “Sage 2010 Error 1639” is shown on the screen.
  • Windows runs slowly and responds sluggishly to the keyboard input.
  • The workstationoccasionally “freezes” for some time.

Possible Causes of Sage Error 1639

  • A major cause is corrupt download or impartial installation of the Accounting software.
  • Distortion in Windows registry from a present Accounting-linked software alteration (install/uninstall).
  • Virus or malware contamination which has ruined the system files or Accounting-linked program files.
  • Some of the other programs badly or incorrectly deleted Sage Accounting-linked files.
  • Runtime Errors like the “Error 1639” can be an outcome of a vast majority of factors, so it is very necessary that the user troubleshoots every cause to stop it from recurring. And, the expert help technicians at are the ones who will help you to get rid of this error.

How to Resolve Sage Error 1639

To resolve the sage error 1639, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Restoration Registry Entries Associated with the Error 1639.

  2. Step Two

    Perform a Full infection Scan of the workstation.

  3. Step Three

    Clear Up the System Junk, this will include all the temp files as well as folders.

  4. Step Four

    This can be cleaned via the Disk Cleanup.

  5. Step Five

    Update the workstation Device Drivers.

  6. Step Six

    Use the Windows System Restore in order to “Undo” Fresh System Alterations.

  7. Step Seven

    Uninstall and then again Reinstall the Sage Accounting Program linked to the Error 1639.

  8. Step Eight

    Now, execute the Windows System File Assessor.

  9. Step Nine

    Install Every Available Windows Updates.

  10. Step Ten

    After this just doa Clean Installation of the Windows.

Listed above the steps are pretty easy, and can be used to solve any problem with ease.

Need Professional Help?

However, if you get stuck midway then please feel free to connect with the highly talented AccountingErrors Sage technical support team of experts to help you sail through. Apart from this, if you find any other technical issue, then you can always contact the technical support team that offers tremendous Sage technical support. The technical helpline is available 24 by 7. Call on .


  1. What are the primary indications of Sage error 1639?

    💠 Delay of input response
    💠 Programs slow down
    💠 Workstation sometime freezes
    💠 Error messages displayed on the screen stop the active program.

  2. Why is error code 1639 happening in my system?

    💠 Incomplete or partial Sage installation
    💠 Errors in Windows registry
    💠 The presence of virus or malware destroyed the mandatory system files.
    💠 Improper or deleted linking of Accounting files

  3. How can I clean my System Junk files to fix error 1639?

    Use the Disk cleanup tool .Here is the list of steps:

    💠 Locate start button
    💠 Enter disk cleanup
    💠 Choose Disk Cleanup 
    💠 Now choose the drive you need to clean up and then hit on the OK button.
    💠 Below files to delete you have to choose the type of files you need to delete
    💠 Select it to view the description of the type of file
    💠 Hit on OK button

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