Compatibility of QuickBooks Accounting Software with Windows 10

Are you a small or medium business owner who is relying on the accounting capabilities of the powerful accounting tool QuickBooks to manage the finances of your business? Is the QuickBooks accounting software run by you on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 powered system? Are you thinking of migrating from the Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10 operating system in the near future? If the answer to all these questions is YES then you must be always concerned about the compatibility of QuickBooks accounting software with the latest version of Windows 10 operating system. As per the official communication from Intuit, it is the 2015 version of QuickBooks only that is compatible with Windows 10.

It has been only a few months since the release of Windows 10. So for some business owners it would be a wise decision taken on their part if they wait for some time. Some business owners are not showing hurry in jumping into the bandwagon of upgrading to the Windows 10 operating system. They have many reasons behind taking this wait and watch decision. On the other hand some accounting professionals are concerned that what if their prospective clients who are using Windows 10 come to them. Unlike the release and marketing of its previous versions of Windows operating system, this time Microsoft adopted a totally different marketing strategy to push information about its latest version of Windows operating system to those users who were running their systems using Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft even offered a free upgrade to users for a limited period of time. Microsoft was aware that the ‘Free Upgrade’ is going to be a big crowd puller as people generally do not resist clicking on anything that comes without digging any hole in their pockets. If you have recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 then you will get only 10 days to roll back to the Windows 7 version if for some reason you are not satisfied with the functioning or features of Windows 10.

QuickBooks related issues to check before upgrading to Windows 10

You would get 10 days to check the compatibility of QuickBooks accounting software with Windows 10. If you go beyond this grace period of 10 days then the saved restore point of rolling back to Windows 7 version will not be available. So here are the QuickBooks related issues that you need to check within these 10 days.

  • Does QuickBooks opens in Windows 10 system: First of all you have to make sure that the QuickBooks accounting software is opening properly on your Windows 10 powered system. If it does not open at all then you need not to check more issues and instantly make up your mind to roll back to the previous version of Windows operating system.
  • Update process of QuickBooks working or not: If the QuickBooks accounting tool has opened in your Windows 10 based system then the second point to check is that are you able to update the QuickBooks software on a Windows 10 running system. Updating the QuickBooks software is very important as the makers of QuickBooks Intuit keeps on updating its powerful accounting tool with latest features and some improvisations in its features. If you are not able to update the QuickBooks software on a Windows 10 powered tool then you would be missing all the latest features and it would be appropriate for you to go back to the previous version of Windows.
  • Form saving in PDF format: If the QuickBooks accounting software is opening and updating properly on your Windows 10 system then it is time to check whether you can use the QuickBooks PDF mechanism to save the forms in PDF format. If you are facing some issues saving the forms in PDF format then you can use a PDF driver to get rid of some of the issues, but this driver update would not be enough to resolve all the issues such as reconciliation of account. In Windows 10, PDF files are opened using Microsoft Edge browser which has been introduced with Windows 10 to replace Internet Explorer. It would not be possible for you to open past reconciliations in Windows 10 system because QuickBooks records all the reconciliation reports in it as a PDF file, and when these past reconciliation files are opened they use Adobe Acrobat to open them. In the 2013 and 2015 versions of QuickBooks, you would be able to open the past reconciliation files but not in the previous editions of QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks compatibility with Internet Explorer: Another compatibility issue that you might face is the compatibility between Windows 10 and Internet Explorer. QuickBooks has been developed by Intuit to use Internet Explorer browser to open some of its windows. Windows 10 still offers Internet Explorer, so you would not notice any issue in QuickBooks here.
  • QuickBooks integration with Microsoft Office: If you are using the latest version of Microsoft Office then QuickBooks 2015 will integrate with Microsoft Office. However, with QuickBooks 2012 you would face compatibility issues.
  • Functioning of Intuit-provided extensions: While trying to check that whether the extensions that were provided by Intuit still working on Windows 10 you would observe that you would be successful in using Cash Flow Projector, Loan Manager, Business Planner, and Fixed Asset Manager but in some cases you might have to reboot your Windows 10 system for the first time while trying to access the program.
  • Working of third-party developed QBSDK add-ons: While checking the functioning of externally developed QBSDK add-ons on QuickBooks that has been installed on a Windows 10 powered system you would observe that most of the QBSDK add-on products work fine.
  • Intuit customer support: The last but not the least point that you need to make sure is that whether Intuit going to support QuickBooks accounting software that is installed on a Windows 10 powered system. If they confirm this on their website then you have to also check the versions of QuickBooks that they are going to support on Windows 10. Therefore, it would be wise decision to wait for some while before taking the decision to upgrade your Windows operating system to Windows 10. However, if you still want to migrate to Windows 10 then it is recommended to first take a full system image backup so that you can easily roll back to the previous version of Windows even if you have surpassed the official time limit for roll back of 10 days.

If you are still doubtful, or have any query or doubt related to the compatibility of QuickBooks with Windows 10 operating system, you can contact our QuickBooks Support Team by visiting us at AccountingErrors. Our QuickBooks Support team can assist you in deciding the best version of QuickBooks accounting software for a Windows 10 powered system by properly understanding your business needs. Our QuickBooks experts can even guide and assist you in installation and set-up of the QuickBooks accounting software on your Windows 10 system.

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