Error 1606: Could Not Access Network Location

QuickBooks is the accounting software developed for small and medium-size businesses. QuickBooks is known for their on-site accounting application and its cloud based software services. It mainly handles your business accounting, payments, payrolls, payroll tax tables and bills. The application is used by many business owners around the world.
However, sometimes, while using QuickBooks you are faced with several errors which might arrive because of a range of reasons. One of those errors is error 1606 which we are going to resolve in this article.

What is Error 1606?

The occurrence of Error 1606 means QuickBooks couldn’t access the network location while installing it. It could also mean that Windows current user account is damaged. This error would appear like this: “Error 1606: Could not access network location”. We will create a new user account in Windows to log in using the same id to reattempt the installation, or we will disconnect from the local servers and retry to installation to fix this issue.
We will follow these methods to resolve these issue:

1. Our first method to solve this issue is to install QuickBooks Desktop using the administrator user account: Administrator User account is used and managed by either the technician or the owner of your company. To resolve the error we will restart the computer and log in to it using the administrator user account and try installing Quickbooks Desktop.
2. Install Quickbooks in selective startup is the second option.
3. In our third method, we will install Quickbooks Desktop by creating a new user with administrator rights and using it.
4. The fourth method would come handy if you are using Windows 7 in parallels. You would need to follow these steps:
a) At first, we will log out of the parallel and log back in.
b) Now, we will go to the Parallel’s desktop and click on Devices> Shared Folders
c) From here, we will click on Disconnect All. It will log us out of the computer instantly.
d) We will be able to install Quickbooks Desktop now.
5. If none of the methods given above works, we might need to resolve the incorrect registry Subkey. However, we would want to make sure that the process is carried out by system administrator. In this process we will need to edit the registry. This process is sensitive and a minor mistake could brick out system. (It is advised that you take a Quickbooks Desktop Technical Expert’s help to run this process.

If the issue does not subside even after editing the registry subkey, it is possible that you might have an incorrect setting in the registry subkey. Contact our QuickBooks Technical Support team.

Following the methods given above you must be able to resolve your QuickBooks Error 1606. The process is a little tricky, but it works. In case you face any difficulty while performing the whole operation, or you have any other query to make, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support Team to help you out. They are a third-party company who deal with QuickBooks related problems.

You can get in touch with a QuickBooks Technical Expert by calling at their toll-free number ✆1-855-481-5338. They provide their services 24*7 across the world.

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