Sage Error 20

Peachtree is the old name for Sage, which is at present one of the most highly popular developer of accounting software. Sage accounting software is preferred by both medium as well as small sized companies. They are loved by the accounting people because of their simple features and the ease of use. Sage error 20 is a very minute error and can be resolved very easily. Generally it appears as, ‘Printer is not activated, Code -20’ and mostly appears while sending emails or sending to PDF.

The software has a very decent user interface which is apt for non IT people as well. Plus, it has got almost all the required characteristics, thus, Sage has become one of the most famous accounting software company in the world.

No matter how intelligently a software is built is still, being a technical product, we can face some issue or the other while using it. Hence, people using Peachtree or Sage can face certain technical problems as well. Though, you don’t have to worry about it because we have a brilliantly skilled AccountingErrors Sage technical support team, which is a specifically dedicated helpdesk to assist you in solving Sage technical problems.

Though, Sage technical helpdesk is always available to help you get rid of this error, but you can also try out the resolution listed below to solve this error on your own!

Causes Behind The Sage Error 20

  • In case the Sage 50 is blocked from printing by the User Account Control then Sage error 20 can occur.
  • Also, if we are trying to use Wrong Amyuni Document Converter, then also this error can occur.

Solutions of the Sage Error 20

1. Method One

In case Sage 50 email Writer is being blocked by the User Account Control

  • In this case firstly, on the Sage 50 icon, you have to do a Right-click and then click on Run, you can even click on Run as Administrator.
  • That’s it! Problem solved, you should be able to print now!

2. Method Two

In case we are trying to use an Incorrect Amyuni Document Converter

  • Firstly, just make sure that Sage 50 is closed properly.
  • Now, move to the Control Panel and then click on Devices and Printers.
  • Here, you would to Right-click on the Sage 50 E-mail Writer
  • After this click on Printer Properties.
  • Here, select the Advanced tab and after this click on Amyuni Document Converter 450 driver.
  • Just hit on OK.
  • Now, Open Sage 50
  • You should be able to flawlessly print to PDF now after performing the steps

Listed above are some very simple steps to get rid of Sage error 20. You can always try these steps whenever you face this Sage technical error and you will be able to get through the error.

Need Professional Help?

However, we the AccountingErrors Sage technical support team is always on its toes to help you with anything related to Sage as well. So feel free to get in touch with the Sage technical team by calling the Sage helpline number at .

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