QuickBooks Error 1330

QuickBooks handles all the accounting related needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is an amazing software which handles everything from creating payrolls to sorting the tax tables. The fact that it is utilized by a big amount of users across the world makes it one greatly useful utility.

However, it demands great algorithms to be based upon, which makes errors unavoidable. QuickBooks Error 1330 is yet another error that creates a lot of trouble for the users. Since it is a Windows 7 based error, it requires a great deal of tweaking to resolve the issue.

However, Accountingerrors help-team knows how to fix it and is here to help you troubleshoot the error.

What is QuickBooks Error 1330?

The error denotes that there is an invalid data signature whenever you try to install POS again on your Windows Operating Software. It is defined as a fatal error that occurs at times of new versions of POS installation on your QuickBooks. The error 1330 will appear on your screen in the middle of the installation.

Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Error 1330

The reason behind this error is the digital signature which is assigned to the cab files running in the background. The signatures should coincide with the system date and time.

The error occurs because there is a discrepancy between the system’s date and time and POS’s. It makes it a Windows related error. To fix the damaged Data Cab FIle, it is required to uninstall POS.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1330

Just follow these simple steps provided by the help-team of Accountingerrors to quickly resolve this error:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    First, you need to download and install the latest update of the point of sale.

  2. Step Two

    Follow the steps provided below to shut down the point of sale services and other related processes:

    💠 Go to task manager by clicking ctrl + alt + del tabs on your keyboard. Now click on the process
    💠 Now, one by one shut down the processes mentioned below:
    🔸🔸 QBPOS.exe
    🔸🔸 QBPOSDBService.exe
    🔸🔸 QBPOSShell.exe

  3. Step Three

    You need to turn down the services mentioned further: QBPOS Database Manager v## (## represents the version of the POS)

    💠 Now, look for services.msc
    💠 Services Window will open up. Now, from here you need to look for QBPOS Database Manager v## (## represents the version of the POS)
    💠 Shut down the services and terminate the window.

  4. Step Four

    Go to Product Update folder and erase the data there:

    💠 Go to the Start menu of Windows OS. Open the Windows Explorer.
    💠 Make the Hidden Windows folders show up.
    💠 Go to this address now: C:\DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers\ApplicationData\Intuit\QuickBooksPOS##\Update (## represents the version of the POS)
    💠 Now, delete all the files one by one in the folder.

  5. Step Five

    Finally, shut down the Windows Explorer and update the POS service to its latest version.

Need Professional Help?

By following the above-mentioned solutions provided by our Accountingerrors help-team, you should be able to resolve the QuickBooks Error 1330. In case you face any difficulty while performing the operation, or you need assistance with the QuickBooks related other products, it is advised you contact our QuickBooks Technical Support Team. They are a third-party company with an amazing Help Desk full of extremely experienced experts. Call ✆+1-855-481-5338.

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