Sage Error 5006

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Sage Error 5006

occurs when you try to access the Vendor’s website and you fail to do it. The vendor’s fails to provide redirection URL which makes it impossible to redirect the website.

In such cases you receive Error 5006 which reads -:

“Unable to redirect to Vendors web site. The Vendor failed to provide a RedirectionURL.”

The Server integration transactional process of Sage sends a notification post to the users system with accurate Status and Result of the transaction. The user must respond to this post by sharing a Redirect URL. This Redirect URL is then used by Sage to redirect users to the payment page where the transaction will either lead to a Success Page or a Failure Page depending on the transaction.

If a user receives Error 5006, it suggests that while responding to the notification post the Redirect URL was not included or even if the Redirect URL is included, the format is incorrect.

Once the user encounters this error, the transaction is not visible either in Admin Panel or Logs including Successful, Failed and Invalid logs, because the transaction is being considered still in an Active State and not yet being archived.

Sage will notify your system about all the transaction which is being processed. A Transaction in an active stage will keep trying to notify about the status, until the timeout condition occurs. If the transaction goes timeout, it would be highlighted in the transaction list of the log.

Resolutions of Sage Error 5006

Following are the resolutions for Error 50006:

  • Always provide a RedirectURL while responding to the notification post
  • RedirectURL is in correct format if it’s returned back to the Sage
  • Keep a regular check on the Server Logs to ensure that the response has been sent with Redirect URL and notifications are being regularly received from Sage
  • The response you receive from Sage must always read “Sage Pay Server Protocol – Section B2”. This helps you to know that your platform is responding correct to the Sage through notification post
  • Ports 80 and 443 of your server should always be “open” to receive notification post from Sage
  • Adding all the IP Addresses of Sage to your Server is must
  • Even after following the above mentioned resolution if you are facing the Error 5006, try re-linking Notification URL by using another link
Need Professional Help?

The solutions mentioned above is applicable for different cases while making transactions through Sage. If you want to make any enquiry and need further assistance from technical experts, then contact our customer support team number. To contact them, call on our Sage customer support toll-free number 📞. Our Sage Tech support helpdesk provides 24X7 application help.

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