Four Uses for QuickBooks Pro Besides Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Pro is an accounting software that caters well to the needs of small businesses and freelancers. Intuit boasts the phrase accounting for non accountants more than any other organization. They live upto the phrase by providing a simple to use accounting software that lets users manage their finances with sheer ease. Yes you heard it right. QuickBooks can do more than just bookkeeping.

Here is a list of other cool stuff that you would want to get done with Quickbooks:

1. Analyze accounting data

QuickBooks Pro comes intact with powerful analysis tools. Most organizations record accounting data and let it all go to waste. Smart organizations are analyzing this data in order to gain valuable insights that can help them in curtailing costs and maximizing profits. Various types of industry specific reports can be generated using QB. Users can also customize reports in QB by applying filters on them.

2. Manage Payroll

Users can set up manual payroll in QB pro. Since Pro is used by organization with a small workforce, manually entering payroll data is no problem. Further, users won’t have to subscribe to any other service for payroll solutions. Setup manual payroll by going into the help menu. A comprehensive article is included in QB that guides users on setting up manual payroll. You can use the data gathered from manual payroll to create customized reports.

3. Create and Send Invoices

Invoicing is probably the coolest feature available in QuickBooks. Users can create customized invoices and send them directly to customers. You can customize the design of invoice in order to make them look more personalized. Preferences for each user can be stored. With just a click you will be able to find out who among your customers does not like receiving invoices through emails.

4. Taxes

During tax season QB Pro proves to be a benediction. With all the data at one place, users can easily calculate taxes with the inbuilt tax calculator. Also, users can purchase tax forms from intuit directly through this software. Intuit also provides envelopes along with tax forms. You can purchase a complete bundle while specifying the number of employees working for your organization. Further, tax related reports can be generated in QB Pro.

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