How to Generate Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

The following details are related to concept of generating the paychecks for employees through QuickBooks Desktop by employing different tactics and options integrated within the software itself.

However, before beginning with the steps to generate paychecks in QuickBooks desktop, user should keep following points of concern in mind.

User should basically:

  • Be ready with an active payroll subscription.
  • Have the latest updates for the Payroll Tax Tables.
  • Be ready with the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Set the software in Single-User Mode.
  • Be ready with Employee Payroll Items.
  • Inculcate the required withholding information of employees within the software.
  • Set the Direct Deposit details within the software, if employees are paid through Direct Deposit method.
  • Generate paychecks within the same company file where previous paychecks have been created.

Different Paychecks Options:

User is provided with three basic options through which paychecks are generated in the QuickBooks Desktop software. Irrespective of the option chosen by the user, steps to generate the paychecks are same.

The three options are:

  • Termination Check
  • Scheduled Payroll
  • Unscheduled Payroll

To Create Paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • From the main menu bar click on Employees tab followed by the option of pay Employees. Now select the option that is most relative to the business scenario.
  • Next check up on the end date of the Pay Period, Bank Account as well as the Check Date on which the money is withdrawn from.
  • Next click on the Printing option as per the business requirement.
  • Next select employees and check mark the box against those to whom payment is to be made to.
  • In different columns enter the amount required to be paid.
  • Either select the tab called Save & Next to proceed to next employee, or click on Save & Close to go back to type in more payroll details.
  • Once the paychecks are generated, click on the tab Continue.
  • Under the window called Review and Create Paychecks, review the information and Paycheck Options tab.
    Next check-up on the amounts typed for each employee under the same window and then select the ‘Create Paychecks’ tab.
  • Now click on the tab called Print the Paychecks or Pay Stubs Later or Now as per the business requirement.
  • In case the user is employing the Subscription of QuickBooks Direct Deposit Paychecks or Payroll Assisted, then the same information can be passed on to Intuit directly to create paychecks.
Need Professional Help?

The above steps related to generation of Paychecks under QuickBooks Desktop will easily the systematize the required information for pay stubs and paychecks. If the user is facing any issue with the steps or are still unable to create paychecks, then they should directly get in touch with the QuickBooks customer support team setup by Intuit. In case the user is still not able to get connected with the team due to long queue or busy schedule of the customer executives they can opt for alternative QuickBooks payroll support on their Toll Free Number 📞+ or connect through website itself.

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