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QuickBooks is a perfect solution to manage your employee’s payroll. If you are also using this accounting tool for your business company, you will find options to email paystubs to all your employees of the company directly by using your QuickBooks desktop. The pay stubs are protected by password and these are PDF attachments. When you email any pay stub to your employee, he will need an ionic QuickBooks to pay stub password to save or to use the pay stub in the computer system. It is a part of the security system of QuickBooks and protects the employee’s information by using a password.

Why we need QuickBooks pay stub password

When you send any pay stub to your employees by using email directly from your QuickBooks desktop, they will need a unique password to use it. If you are also looking to know about such a password, you need to use the first 4 characters of the last name of the employer and all these characters of name should be in lower case. Then last four digits of SSN will be used for further passwords. You should not use any non-Alpha character like any dash or space in this password.

Steps to QuickBooks Email Paystub : QuickBooks Online

All these processes are very easy to email pay stubs for employees; follow the given steps below;

  • Firstly from the left menu select the Employees option.
  • Click Employees and then click on the pay cheque list tab.
  • Firstly choose the pay cheque you want email ,open it by choosing  Net pay amount .
  • Now Choose the print .

Steps to Print QuickBooks Paystub in QuickBooks Online

1. For QuickBooks Online Payroll

  • First of all you need to be set printing preferences .
  • From the setting icon, select payroll settings.
  • Into the Preferring segment select the pay check printing.
  • Now select plain paper stub and press OK.

Solution: Print Pay Stub in Quickbooks Online Payroll

  • On the worker section  choose the employees option.
  • Choose the paycheck list in my payroll option.
  • Then choose the paychecks you want to print and press OK

2. For QuickBooks Online Payroll(for other version)

  • Firstly set printing preferences .
  • Then go to the setting option and choose the payroll setting.
  • Now Printing segment >Pencil icon.
  • Select the plain paper and save it.
  • Click Done.

Solution: Print Pay Stub for Quickbooks Online Payroll (for Other Version)

  • Into the work field select the Employees option.
  • In the my payroll option select the paycheck list.
  • Then select the paycheck you want to print.
  • Hit Ok.

3. For Intuit Online Payroll enhanced

  • Firstly set your printing preferences.
  • Into the setup section choose the preference.
  • Then select Paycheck printing settings.
  • Finally choose printing stub and press OK.

Solution: Print Pay Stub

  • Firstly Payday>paycheck list.
  • Then select the paycheck you want to print and choose the view print.
  • Finally choose the printer icon to print pay stub.

4. For Intuit Online Payroll Full services

  • Firstly for the printing preferences, into the Help menu select the contact us option.
  • Or Click on the paycheck printing preferences 

Solution: Print Pay Stub

  • Form the Home page select view paycheck list.
  • Then go for the paycheck you want to print.
  • Select  the print option.
  • Click the print icon .
  • Pdf version will be open to you , save it on the Desktop .
  • Now attach the saved paystub file to email .
  • And it too specific employees.

Steps to Print QuickBooks Paystub in QuickBooks Desktop

To print QuickBooks paystub on QuickBooks desktop, you need to follow mentioned below steps:

1. Method One: Print through the paycheck list

  • First of all go to the left side bar and click on the employees.
  • Click the name of the employee to pay.
  • Now on the Employee page >List of Paycheck>select checks to pay.
  • If suitable, then set the check numbers.
  • Click the batch action on the drop down .
  • Click on the Print.

2. Method Two: Print by print stub & voucher printing

  • Firstly open QuickBooks>Menu bar> Click Edit.
  • Now from the drop down click on the preferences.
  • Click on Payroll & employees.
  • Now in the Company preferences tab, select Full Payroll in the QB payroll feature field.
  • Then set the preferences for the section and click on the pay stub & voucher printing .
  • Now you are in a pay stub printing window.
  • Choose the check box you want to add in the paycheck vouchers & pay stub, print’ field.
  • If in any case there is a need to add the Company name to come up on the pay stub then select the legal company name.
  • Once you are selected all the items, then Hit Ok
  • A paystub with the selected information will print each paychecks automatically.

3. Method Three: Print via Bill Payment Stub

  • Firstly, Click on the File menu>Print Form>Bill Payment Stub.
  • Then in the drop down menu, click on a credit card or check depending method for the payment.
  • Then in the account drop down>select relevant bank? Credit  card account .
  • Now in the date enter the opening & end date, and amp segment list payments from the different – different  dates.
  • Firstly  confirm the checks which you need to print the bill paystub.
  • Press OK.
  • Click for the print.

Steps to Print One or More Pay Stub at Once 

  • Firstly click on the file menu then print form and choose the print stubs.
  • Then first of all select your bank account after that choose the date range and then print the pay stubs.
  • After that select the paystub, which you want to print in the next Column to date. 
  • If you want to print the selected employees data so filter that into the employee drop down.
  • Hit preferences for the specific employees details (company name and employee info ) will be printed on the paystub.
  • At the time of printing if you want to include a message to send with each paystub then type a message on the company message to be printed on all pay stubs boxes.
  • Then  choose the preview option to view the paystub before printing them .
  • Then click for the print.

How to Print A Single Pay Stubs from A Paychecks

  • Firstly open the paystubs in QuickBooks desktop.
  • After that select the print icon then paystub.

And also if you want to email the paystub in the QuickBooks Desktop follow the given steps:

1. Step One. Update QuickBooks

  • Firstly update the QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • And also the latest version of Adobe acrobat reader(because it converts the pay stubs into the pdfs).

2. Step Two. Verify your email setting

  • First of all open the QuickBooks then edit the menu then choose the preferences .
  • After that select the send form menu then my preferences tab.
  • Then into the send menu using option, select the one option.
    • Firstly Choose web mail if you are using a Gmail, yahoo or other email option.
    • Secondly choose Outlook if you are using Microsoft Outlook
  • Then click OK.

Password requirement while email a Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop

  • The first thing which is important there is changing the last name of the employees  by the DOB in mmddyyyy format.
  • If the last name is smaller than 3 characters, recommend using the complete last name and remember that character  in a lower case. When the last name character was extended then the password contained the first letter of the last name upper case. And the reason is QuickBooks Desktop does not convert the extended letter to the lower case.
  • Don’t use a non alpha character in the last name (space or dash etc.) when creating a password.

Steps to Reset  QuickBooks Paystub Password

To reset Quickbooks Paystub Password, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

1. Reset password for an employees

  • Firstly click the Employees tab.
  • Choose the employee name .
  • Now select the edit in the paychecks record access.
  • Then click on the reset password.

2. Employees Reset an own password

  • Firstly go to the Paychecksrecords.com.
  • Then choose to forget the password and provide the answer to the question for security .
  • After that receive the temporary password.

Process to Setup Password for QuickBooks Desktop

Get help to to find QuickBooks pay stub password

If you are looking to get help to reset any pay stub password for any employee, you can also do it yourself. You just need to click on the employee’s drive and the time needs to click on the name of the employee. You will find the option of paycheck records access > edit in it. You can click on the reset password option in it and can easily get help to reset the password. You will find the option to make changes in the password of the pay stub of an employee of your company.

So this is the complete process to know about the default path stub password of any employee or to reset the password of an employee in QuickBooks. If you are also facing any problem to use pay stub password settings, you can also get the help of professionals to find a good resolution of this problem.

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  1. Can the first four characters of the employee name in the Paystub password be an upper case?

    No, the four characters of the last name must be in lower case.

  2. Can I use any non-alpha character in the pay stub password?

    You should not be permitted to use a non-alpha character such as space or dash in the password.

  3. What is the format of the Paystub password in QuickBooks?

    The Paystub password includes the first four digits of the last name in the Lowercase and the last digits of SIN/TFN/SSN.

  4. Can the system automatically generate a pay stub password for the employee?

    Yes, the system will automatically generate a paystub password for every employee according to the selected format.

  5. What is the significance of a pay stub password?

    Paystub password plays a primary role when sending a pay stub to the employee through QuickBooks’ email option. It provides security with a unique password.

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