How To Fix QuickBooks Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch?

Runtime error 13 types of mismatch is a very common error issue while you are running QuickBooks.  It usually appears when files are necessary to run Excel and the aftereffect of this is the inability to utilize files in Excel.

Earning the reputation of one of the most utilized accounting and financial service providing software, QuickBooks has become a household name for every small and medium scale corporation.

QuickBooks Runtime Error 13: Type Mismatch

may sometimes trouble the user. Our Accountingerrors help team will guide you through the solution of this error.

What causes QuickBooks Runtime Error 13: Type Mismatch

As it is visible from the name, this error has its origin in the running of the program. In simpler words, this error takes place only when QuickBooks is running, or the user is trying to access a certain function within QuickBooks.

The reason behind this error is mostly the mismatch errors which work as the catalyst for it. This mismatch error occurs within the programming of QuickBooks, and has nothing to do with the computer configuration, which comprises of:

  • Conflicts inside the System Registry
  • Virus/malware/spyware in the program
  • MS Office induced error
  • Out of date Operating system

Ways of Fixing the Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch

It is not rocket-science to fix a problem like this, though it needs a little technical expertise. This error occurs mostly because of the bug in the program, a corrupt file or interrupted installation of the software.

1. Solution One: Following are the options to troubleshoot this error

  • Cleaning the registry should resolve the issue.
  • Running a malware/spyware/virus check should fix it.
  • Installing the Windows OS should help it.
  • Program update should resolve the issue.
  • Reinstalling the program is another option.
  • Updating Windows Operating Software should fix it.

2. Solution Two: Editing the Registry Key should resolve the issue

Since this method requires technical tit-bits, we’ll guide you through the process:

  • Open your computer and opt for Administrative Rights while starting it.
  • Go to the Start menu and select (Or press Windows + R Key)
  • Now type Regedit in the given field and press
  • The Registry Editor will open up. Now follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intuit\QuickBooks\Security.
  • Now, follow click on Edit, then on New and opt for DWORD Value.
  • A new registry key in the right pane will appear now, created by the previous action. Now, you’ll need to name it: AllowOMWithUI and hit
  • After naming the registry key, you will need to modify it. Right-click on it and opt for
  • You will see a dialogue box- Edit DWORD Value. Fill in the Value Data area and hit
  • Now shut down the Registry Editor and reboot the computer system.

3. Solution Three : Scan process for the virus or malware

  • In the first step before starting scanning  check the antivirus is updated.
  • Make sure the function is working well.

4. Solution Four : Clean the Registry

  • Firstly open the registry cleaner.
  • After that repair any type of damaged parts of it.

5. Solution Five : Recover missing Macros

  • First of all open the new MS Excel file then opens manual calculation mode.
  • After that  from the tools menu Macro >Security > High option
  • Now, if you are using the windows 7 then click on the office >Excel option>Trust center .
  • Then click on the Trust Center Settings after that Macros Settings, now choose Disable All Macros without Notification in Macro setting option.
  • Click OK twice.
  • After that open the corrupted workbook and if the workbook open in the MS Excel then a message appears ‘Macros are Disabled ‘.
  • If any case Excel  shuts down then this method is not helpful.
  • Now you need to press Alt +F11 for opening the Visual Basic Editor( VBE).
  • Use Project Explorer(press Ctrl+R keys) and right click on a module and export the file.
  • Enter a name and folder for a module repeat these processes many times as per your requirement, to export the entire module.
  • Now close the VBE .
  • And Exit.

6. Solution Six : Update windows

Download & Reinstall the service pack for MS Excel.

7. Solution Seven : Uninstall the Program

  • Firstly go to the Task Manager and one by one stop the error causing programs.
  • Click start, then control panel, now select add/remove program in the control panel.
  • After that, I enlisted all the installed programs on the system.
  • Then select the MS Excel and click uninstall to remove it from the system.

Following any of these methods will ensure that the Runtime Error disappears for good. However, if you face any difficulty while performing the operation or need some technical assistance, you can contact our QuickBooks Technical Support Team. They are a third-party company having a great QuickBooks Helpdesk to resolve your QuickBooks issues on Windows OS.

You can call at our toll-free helpline by dialing 📞+1-855-481-5338 and connect with one of our QuickBooks customer support tech experts. They are available 24*7.


  1. What is Run Time Error 13 Mismatch?

    A VBA (Visual Basics for Application) Type Mismatch Error happens when you attempt to allocate an incentive between two distinctive variable types. The error shows up as “Run-Time Error 13  Mismatch” on your screen. In case, If you attempt to put text in a Long number variable or you attempt to put text in a Date variable, this type of error repeatedly appears.

  2. In how many ways I can fix this error?

    You can fix this error in several ways:

    💠 Cleaning the vault should resolve the issue.
    💠 Running a malware/spyware/infection check helps to fix it.
    💠 Installing the Windows OS should help it.
    💠 Program update should resolve the issue.
    💠 Reinstalling the program is another alternative to get rid of this error.

  3. How would I fix Runtime Error 13 sort mismatch in Excel?

    💠 The first thing you have to do to utilize the open and repair Utility.
    💠 Then, uninstall the Program. It is discovered some application and programming causes the runtime error.
    💠 Sweep for Virus/Malware.
    💠 Recuperate missing macros and you have all resolved it.

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