How to Fix Sage Error 06?

Sage Error 06 is a SQL database related error. If the join statements in SQL aren’t functioning properly, then you’ll get this error. If you’re using a custom database for storing Sage data, then this error may occur. Otherwise, a simple update should fix it. Updates are released regularly by every software company to address bugs and introduce new features. Similarly, Sage also releases multiple updates every year for most versions of their software.

Updating Sage 50

Manual Installation

For manually installing the updates released for your version of Sage 50, you need to download the update installation files. Once, you’ve successfully downloaded the installation files, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Launch the Setup for Sage 50 Update
  2. Follow instructions provided by the installer
  3. Once updates have been installed, restart your system

This way, you’ll be able to easily install the updates manually. Make sure that you’ve downloaded the update files for your version of Sage 50. Also, it is important to launch the setup as an administrator otherwise the installer may crash.

Automatic Installation

In Sage 50, it is recommended to set up automatic updates. This way, whenever a new update is released, you’ll be able to install it. To set up automatic updates for your version of Sage 50, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Launch Sage 50 as an administrator. For doing so, simply right click on the Sage 50 executable and click on run as administrator. Also, to avoid this, you can simply launch the setup from an administrator account in windows.
  2. Go to Help from the top menu bar
  3. Click on Check for Updates
  4. Select Yes in the confirmation box
  5. Simply follow the instruction provided by the software
  6. Restart your system

From now on, you’ll always get notifications about the latest updates available for your system. Now you’ll be able to resume your work with Sage 50.

Sage 50, formerly known as Peachtree, is an acclaimed accounting software. This software provides unique accounting solutions on which many organizations rely. This is a highly reliable, accurate and secure software. You can even save personally identifiable information for your clients, vendors, customers and employees in this software. Through various authentication and encryption methods, this software ensures that all data is completely secure. You can even define user roles and restrict certain functionalities for particular accounts. Get Sage customer support from our team of experts.

How can AccountingErrors Help You?

If you are facing problems while using any Sage product or cannot resolve Sage error 06, then we’re here to help you. Our Sage technical support team is available round the clock to resolve your queries. We are available through call. Each member of our Sage technical support team has the required certifications and experience to handle your queries. To know more, feel free to contact AccountingErrors at (Toll Free.)


  1. I cannot install updates on my System?
  2. You need to have administrative privileges to install Sage 50 updates on your system. Contact your system administrator or log into windows through an administrator account.

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