How to Start QuickBooks in Safe Mode

Starting a computer system in safe mode is often preferred by many computer users for there are only selected drivers that can be loaded. Under this mode of accessing Windows Operating Software, the user does not require much of the drivers. This mode basically only utilizes the most base versions of drivers such as for videos standard VGA drivers are used.

Under the safe mode, the software is restricted to load drivers for the printer, CD drives, tape backup system, network, or sound card. Furthermore, it fails to load run and load lines from win.ini. Safe mode also limits the number of variables used to run the computer system. It accords a generous environment for resolving and tracking down hardware and software issues.

In case user wishes to access QuickBooks in Safe mode, it is important to have the admin credentials with them and login as an admin only. In the scenario same details are not available user might get even more restricted while accessing QuickBooks in safe mode. The reason why QuickBooks works fine in the safe mode is that it opens with few drivers. Those drivers are active that are required to run the program.

Well, for this user would need to follow the below-illustrated steps, this will help them to open QuickBooks in safe mode by taking documented steps:

  • Restart the desktop system.
  • Ensure that the desktop is in Safe Mode when the operating system (Windows) is about to run.
  • To perform this step user needs to click on F8 key from their keyboard when restarting the system. This will open the advance settings menu screen of the computer system.
  • Next, select the option of ‘Safe Mode’ from the whole list of alternatives shown after the ‘networking tab’. This shall open the Windows under Safe Mode.
  • Once the whole system is started properly under Safe Mode, select the QuickBooks software to open the Company file.
  • Move and select to the start menu set in the current window and process verification for QuickBooks icon.
  • In case the user is unable to locate QuickBooks Icon, then another option to press Ctrl+Alt+Del together. This shall help user to access task manager.
  • Now reboot the computer system from the task manager only.
  • Once the QuickBooks software is located, click to open up the software and login to your company file with authentic credentials.
  • Once the user is logged into the software, all the process will function normally.

If the user has followed the above detailed steps then by now they should be aware as to how QuickBooks software can be opened in the Safe mode of the system. However if the user is still facing any issues with the process they can avail support from proficient QuickBooks customer care team set up by Intuit. For more urgent support they can also connect with alternative support agency called AccountingErrors or call on their Toll Free Number ✆1-855-481-5338 of QuickBooks Error support.

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