Import Transactions into QuickBooks


So, if you want to transfer the bank transactions from your QuickBooks Online account to your QuickBooks Desktop, or want to save the transactions locally, you need to follow this little self-help guide to save yourself a lot of trouble. The technical support team at AccountingErrors is going to guide you through the process of Importing Transactions into QuickBooks Desktop from your QuickBooks Online account.

To Ensure a Successful Import:

Ensure that you have read these guidelines and followed them well before going on with the process:

  1. The details mentioned in the acceptable file formats are to be followed and are ones QuickBooks Online accepts.
  2. Once you will be redirected to your For Review tab of your banking page, you will need to add the additional columns, i.e. Category and Payee there. You will be redirected to it.
  3. Credit Card Accounts related CSV files may show the transactions in reverse. For an instance, Deposits appear as the negative amounts for when you pay with your credit card it reduces the balance. Check a corresponding Credit Card Account in QuickBooks to ensure that you put things in right order.
  4. Some banks have a different format of CSV files. So importing from every banking institution might not be possible. But if the files are in compliance with QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Money (OFX), then you can try to import them by accessing it through Web Connect.
  5. If you still face any problem with the Import process or you receive any error, we recommend you to get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

Importing Transactions from a CSV File:

Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful import of the transactions from QBO:

  1. Open your QuickBooks and go to the left menu, select
  2. Go to Update drop-down arrow and select File Upload.
    (In case you have never connected an account, click on Upload Transactions Manually given at the bottom of the screen)
  3. Click Browse and select the .CSV file you need to upload and then click
  4. Go to QuickBooks Account drop-down, choose the bank or credit card account of your choice. Click
  5. Next, you need to map the statement fields in compliance with the .CSV format you are uploading. Click Next once you are done.
  6. Go to the transactions that appear on the screen. Put a check on the transactions you need to import and then click
  7. You will see a notification which will read, ‘Do you want to import now?’, click
  8. You will see a notification which will read, ‘Import Completed’ once the import is through. Click Let’s Go.

Finally, you will be re-directed to the Downloaded Transactions window of QuickBooks. Your imported transactions will appear in this window. Check the tab named For Review. You can see your imported transactions and then go on doing what you wanted to do with the imported transactions.

You should be able to import the Transactions in .CSV format from QuickBooks Online to your QuickBooks Desktop. If you face any difficulty while performing the operation or need some assistance with any QuickBooks related problem, we recommend you get to in touch with our AccountingErrors QuickBooks help-team on ✆+1-855-481-5338

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