How to Open a QBX file in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks, for the last couple of years has been the number one choice of accountants. With a simple to use tools and a user friendly interface, QuickBooks enables non accountants to manage their books easily. To further simplify accounting, they regularly introduce new features. Also, you should install the latest security updates to protect data against cyber attacks.

Versions of QuickBooks Accountant create .qba and .qbx files. These files need to be converted into QBW file for importing data into QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier or Enterprise. In this article, we have detailed the steps that you can follow for converting .qbx file successfully into .qbw. We recommend that you create a backup copy of the .qbx file.

For background, use of an Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks is an easy way for a client company to transfer data to a third-party (such as an accountant), have the accountant make changes and return just those changes, and incorporate them with the company file subject to the client’s review.  

In an article on our blog, we’ve described how a company can easily transfer an Accountant’s Copy export file (.QBX) to us using Intuit’s secure servers.  This file could also be delivered via other methods, such as delivery on a flash drive or other physical media.  In separate articles, we’ve reviewed how an accountant works with client data received from an Accountant’s Copy and returns that data to a client.

Follow the Steps Provided Below to Convert .qbx file to .qba

  • Open QuickBooks
  • On the No Company File window, click on File.
  • Select Send Company file
  • Click on Accountant’s copy
  • Select Convert Accountant’s Copy to Company File/ QBW.
  • A new window will appear. Click on Browse and select the .qbx file
  • Hit Open
  • Click ok on the confirmation box. You can read the content on the confirmation box for more information about the
  • conversion process.
  • Enter the new file name for converted .qbw file.
  • Select the location of the converted file.
  • Select .qbw in the save as drop down options
  • Click ok

You have successfully converted the .qbx file to .qbw file. Now, open QuickBooks and select the company file that you just converted. You won’t be able to open this file in QuickBooks Accountant.

how to open .qbw file without QuickBooks

To import an accountant’s work prepared in an Accountant’s Copy import file (.QBY), the first step is to receive and save the .QBY file on your computer.  Given the small size of most .QBY files, this file is normally transmitted via email.

Due to various reasons, many users choose to convert their company file for normal versions of QB such as Pro, Premier or Enterprise. If you convert your company file to QB enterprise, then you won’t be able to import it into QB Pro and Premier. While upgrading the company file is easy, downgrading it can create a lot of problems.

If you need any help, then feel free to contact us. We specialize in providing solutions for errors and issues arising in QuickBooks. We can help you in converting your .qbx file into .qbw. Further, our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors can optimize your system to boost processing. To know more, contact us at 1855-481-5338 (Toll Free.)

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1. Can .qbx file be imported to QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Enterprise?

Yes. You need to convert the .qbx file into .qbw file. After that, open the file in QuickBooks and all your data will be imported.

2. How much time will the conversion process take?

This depends entirely on the size of your company file and the specifications of your system. You can leave your system powered up for a while till the conversion is completed.

3. The conversion process failed and I cannot access my company file?

Most likely, there has been a damage to the .qbx file. You should, at the earliest, contact a certified QuickBooks Professional.