Payroll Taxes Not Calculating After Upgrading to a Newer Version of Sage 50?

SAGE 50 is the most famous and widely used accounting software in all types of industries. Payroll is one of the services of SAGE which is used to generate and manage employee payrolls. This feature of SAGE 50 can be used more effectively by an accountant or an expert who can easily understand the functions. But there are lot of errors encountered in the features.

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Payroll taxes not calculating or the payroll taxes are different from the online tax calculated. The major reasons of these errors are due to incorrect settings in SAGE-50.


• Check whether the latest update has been installed.
 Select Help from SAGE-50 and confirm for the latest release of SAGE-50
If the SAGE is not calculating payroll even after upgrading, the following reasons can be taken into account with a perfect resolution to the problem.
• Update subscription
 Disable your Anti-Virus or Firewall software to check for Subscription Updates.
 Help-Select Sage 50 Subscription Updates
 Select Online, and then OK
 Click OK for the message that your subscription was successfully updated and now taxes can be calculated efficiently.
• Install the latest payroll update.
 Download and install the latest payroll update using the Latest Updates section of the Sage 50 Knowledge Base.
• User Account Control (UAC) can block SAGE-50.
 Run the program as Administrator or disable UAC
 Verify payroll and calculated tax report
• Subscription Expired or payroll add-on was not purchased
 Contact the sales team
• Check for Salary or Amount whether it is missing on employee record.
 Select Maintain, and then Employees & Sales Reports
 Select the employee
 Select Pay Information
 In that enter the payment amount salary or hourly pay rate of the employees and then save the changes.
• Future payroll year can be selected incorrectly.
 We have to verify that the year on the payroll screen is correct because if a check is dated for a future year, the taxes will not calculate
• If the future payroll date is after plan renewal date
 Verify that the payroll check end date is before the support plan renewal date and the formulas maintained by the have been correctly updated to the correct year

• Whether the accounting period is selected correctly.
 Select Period on horizontal bar, select the correct accounting period, and then click OK
 Verify payroll is calculating correctly
• Select the appropriate tax formula for each tax
 In Formula field next to each checked Calculation box and select the appropriate tax formula
 Verify that the Use box next to Gross is marked
• If you have any deductions that are pre-taxed for the tax you are currently editing, check the Use box next to that deduction and click ok, select company fields and calculation box to the program for calculation.
• Check whether the Payroll ID is active
 Select Setup and go to Settings.
 Select Payroll and then Income.
 Verify Calculation Tax is checked.
 Open the Employee Record and click on the Income tab.
 Verify the Amount per Unit and Hours per Period are correct.
 The basic tax exemption for the employees must be checked
• Verify that the user is not in history mode

For more response and better resolution for the errors, contact the SAGE Support team who will be available 24*7 on ✆+1-855-481-5338 or even on Live Chats. They are always ready to provide complete support and provide solution at a faster rate without interrupting the business for much time. The team is highly proficient in solving the issues immediately. For directly talking to the Sage 50 technical support experts, call on the toll free number.

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