Peachtree Error 115

Peachtree Error 115 an error that occurs when the user tries to transfer the data. It restricts the data from moving. Also, when the user tries to install a service release, then also this error can occur. It, majorly it happens during a data transfer process, and it may even appear as something like error -2147024713. Additionally, Peachtree error 115 mostly specifies files as well as the directory where the error happened.

It is not an error that occurs due to any damage or anything wrong in the accounting software, therefore, this error not always depicts a problem with the accounting solution. As, we know that Peachtree, which is now popular by the name of Sage has a great experience of manufacturing fabulous accounting solutions for the companies.

All its accounting tools are intelligently developed and are pretty high on functionality. These are the major reason why small and medium sized businesses prefer Sage accounting solutions a lot. Plus, the smart interface and functionality of the accounting solutions make it easy for the new users to adopt them quickly.

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This Sage error is mainly related to the data transfer, hence listed above can be a few of the most relevant causes of Peachtree error 115:

  • Peachtree error 115 can happen because of nay possible problem with the Operating system
  • This error can also occur if any anti-virus or any other software is hindering the writing of files to the specific directory
  • One of the major causes of this Peachtree Error 115 include permission restrictions. If the permissions associated with the directory stated in the error message are restricted than also this error can happen


Listed below are some of the steps or resolution points for fixing Peachtree error 115:

  • Firstly, if you get this error and the performance of your Sage accounting software hinders because of the error then please quickly get in touch with the IT experts to fix all the problems which are related to the operating system.
  • One of the other solutions is to redistribute the permissions to add every user, and offer them the complete control to the directory which is mentioned in the error.

The steps mentioned above are perfect in order to fix the Peachtree error 115 in a jiffy. You can always get dedicated Sage related help over the phone. We have a brilliantly talented Sage technical support team to help you get over the issue related to Sage with ease. Just dial , contact our Sage technical helpdesk, and get direct assistance over the phone!

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