Sage 50 Error 1628 “Failed to Complete Installation”

Peachtree has ruled the market of high-grade accounting solutions since quite a few years. The company has created a niche in the industry of accounting solutions for small and medium sized companies. One of the eminent features that make Peachtree one of the most preferred companies for accounting solutions is the fact that all the accounting tools developed by Peachtree are of high quality. Plus, Peachtree is known to manufacture only such accounting tools that are extremely easy to use. However, sometimes errors like Sage 50 Error 1628 “Failed to complete installation” might come up.

Peachtree changed its name to Sage, but the quality and the class of the accounting software remains the same. Though, the company keeps evolving its products just to make sure that they meet all the diversified demands of the companies.

Sage accounting solutions is easy to manage but sometimes users may have to experience certain small technical glitches while using the accounting software. Though, most of errors are quite minute, and can be treated easily. Also, we have a bunch of highly proficient AccountingErrors Sage technical team experts who are capable of handling all the technical problems.

Now, if we talk about the Sage 50 Error 1628. It is a pretty normal sort of an error and can be rectified with just a few steps. It occurs basically at the time of installation and un-installation of the program.

Causes of Sage 50 Error 1628 “Failed to complete installation”

  • Third party irreconcilable program running in the background at the same time.
  • Memory or space related issues may be one of the reasons for this error.
  • Attacks of viruses.
  • Using a bad graphic driver.

Solutions to Fix The Sage 50 Error 1628 “Failed to complete installation”

There are some certain method to resolve this peachtree error, Which are mentioned below:

1. Method One:

  • Use the Microsoft Easy Fix Utility
  • For using Microsoft Easy Fix Utility, you would have to first download it.
  • After downloading successfully just run the program
  • The problem should be solved with the help of the utility

2. Method Two: Uninstall the program via the command prompt

  • First get to the Run window by pressing Windows+R keys and the command window will open up
  • Now, in the Run command window just type in, Regedit, and after that select OK
  • Choose the File, and then click on Export in order to create a backup of the registry
  • Now, browse to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\
  • After this just click on Edit, and after that click on Find
  • Insert Sage 50 in the search pop up window, and select the option Find
  • Carry onyour search until you get the program listed which you were trying to uninstall
  • And, on the right hand side of the window, look for the key named as UninstallString, and double-click on the option in order to copy the string
  • Hit the OK button and select Registry Editor
  • Now, press the Windows+R keys
  • Key in CMD, and then select OK
  • Right-click the DOS window, and after that choose Paste
  • After that press the Enter key
  • That’s all, now you just have to follow the screen prompts
Need Professional Help?

The steps listed above are regarded as the best and the fastest way to solve this problem. However, in case you find any problem with the Sage technical software even after performing the steps then please call our Sage technical support number 📞. Our AccountingErrors Sage technical helpdesk is available 24 by 7.

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