Peachtree Error 18

Peachtree is one of the world’s topmost accounting software manufacturers. It has carved a niche for itself in the accounting solutions market. The accounting solutions manufactured by Peachtree are used by a majority of small as well a medium enterprises around the globe. Though Peachtree is now popularly known as Sage.

Sage accounting solution is an extremely easy to operate software. It makes the lives of the accounting professionals so much easier. It is one such tool which helps to manage almost everything related to a company’s accounting. Plus, it is designed very neatly and, therefore, only rarely a user faces issues in using the software. Also, in case a user faces any problem with the software, we are here to help you. AccountingErrors Sage technical support team is a collaborated bunch of highly skilled Sage technicians. They have the caliber to solve any Sage accounting issue and the technical helpdesk is available 24*7.

Now, talking about errors, Peachtree error 18 is one of the most common, but very easy to eradicate errors in Sage. This particular error occurs mostly when the user is trying to take a backup of the data. The main pop up on the screen is something like DynaZIP Error #18…”. This happens inside a Sage drive company.

Major Causes of Peachtree Error 18

  • This error can appear in various forms including, DynaZIP Error #18, while taking the backup. If the backup procedure was haltered then the customer mostly faces this error.
  • If the customer is not able to take the backup of the data while he/she is present inside the Sage Drive company.
  • Automatic Backup may also be instigated, while present in the Sage Drive Company, but it eventually fails with DynaZIP Error 18.
  • If the company title consist of any specialcharacters then this issue can arise.

How to Resolve Peachtree Error 18?

1. Method One

  • First of all, just put an end to all the sharing as well as renaming of the company file
  • Now, close the program that’s open, you may even choose to close it via the task manager
  • Open the company again on the workstationwhich shared the company
  • After this, just put an end to Sharing the company
  • And then, shut down the company
  • Reopen it and click on Maintain
  • Just click on the Company Info
  • Erase out all the special characters that are present in the company name
  • And then, select OK
  • Shut down the company again
  • Now go to the Sage Drive Management Center
  • Here, check whether the company is listed or not
  • In case the company is not listed, you are good to go ahead
  • Now, you can share the company again
  • In case the company is still listed, click on the company name in Sage Drive Management Center
  • After that hit the Delete company button present right there
  • Now, go ahead and sharethat company with Sage Drive
  • Check whether you are still getting the error message or not

Mentioned above are a couple of easy to do steps to get rid of the error.

You can always contact the tremendously talented AccountingErrors Sage technical support team to solve this or any sort of Sage technical support problem as well. You just have to dial ✆+1-855-481-5338 to reach the Sage technical helpdesk.

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