Peachtree Error 30

Peachtree Error 30 occurs mostly when a user tries to e-mail or print forms and reports. When this error occurs sometimes even the Sage accounting solution closes down itself. Though, Peachtree is known to manufacture world-class accounting solutions but at times, the user can get some or the other technical issues while using Sage but the frequency of errors is quite less. Sage, the new name of the accounting company Peachtree, has been developing top-notch accounting solutions since years. The company has beaten out all the competition quite nicely, and has earned the position of one of the best accounting solutions company in the world.

When it comes to the technical issues that may occur while using any of the Sage accounting solution, there’s no need to worry at all. And, the reason is that we have an in-house Sage technical support team which has got a great caliber to solve all the issues related to Sage accounting software.

Now, coming to the error 30, it happens predominantly when a user tries to print.

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Some of the key causes that lead to the Peachtree error 30 are:

  • In case the User Account Control is enabled than the user can get this error
  • Mismatched email program is one of other reasons that lead to error 30
  • Corrupted customized form
  • When the user tries to use the Sage accounting solution’s E-mail Writer as a printer then also this error can occur
  • Improper settings on the Sage accounting E-mail Writer
  • When the computer needs to install the required Microsoft updates
  • Corrupted E-mail Writer
  • Printer driver issue
  • Corrupted Windows Profile
  • Also, in case where Amyuni Document Converter driver which is used for Sage is not suitedfor Microsoft Windows 8
  • Also, problems like SPLWOW64.EXE after printing can lead to error 30
  • And, if the user is trying to use Outlook 2016 or Sage 2016 or previous editions


Here is how you can resolve the Peachtree Error 30:

Method One

Choose the admin setting and run Sage accounting solution and the email program together

  • Choose both Sage as well as the email program, whether it’s Outlook or any other together
  • Right-click on the Sage icon, and after clicking choose Properties.
  • Click on the Compatibility Tab, and after that click on Change settings for every user’s button.
  • Click on Run this program as admin box, and select Apply, and after that select OK.
  • Perform all the steps starting from 2 to 4 again for the email program icon.
  • After performing the steps open up Open Sage accounting solution as well as the email program.
  • Check if you can now send out the email without any problem or not

We hope that you are able to fix the Peachtree error 30 after performing the steps mentioned above. If not, then please call our Sage technical support team to help you quickly fix the issue. You just have to dial to get in touch with our Sage technical helpdesk.

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