Sage 50 Error 3012

Sage accounting solutions, which was earlier known as Peachtree has been the favorite when it comes to developing extremely efficient and useful accounting programs. The company has been there since years, and is constantly evolving to prepare better and better accounting programs. One of their top accounting solution is Sage 50.

It is believed that the core of developing the solutions is making them highly easy to operate. And, yes, Sage accounting solutions are tremendously easy to operate. But yes, being a technical product, users can face a few technical glitches while operating Sage. However, we would like to let you know that we, AccountingErrors Sage technical support team offers marvelous technical support for Sage users to help them fix any Sage related technical issue without stress!

Now, let’s talk about Sage 50 error 3012 in this article. This error generally appears as “Old edition of option file found. Run conversion program” and this basically occurs when the user opens the program.

Want to know some possible causes of this error?

Causes of Sage 50 Error 3012

  • Error 3012 can occur if corrupted files are present in the data path
  • Sage 50 error 3012 can also happen in case the user is trying to open a company which is not inside of the datapath

Possible Solutions of Sage 50 Error 3012

1. Method One: If the files present in the data path are corrupted

  • Get to the data path. If you are unable to reach the data path, you can search for the information online for finding the data path in order to get there.
  • After you reach the data path just transfer the below mentioned files to the temporary folder:
    • Envsess.dat
    • *.lck
    • *.ptl
    • Options.dat
    • Serial.dat
  • After moving the files, just open the software again. In case you get the problem this means that Options.dat file is corrupted or lost; just click on OK and move ahead.
  • Make sure that the problem no longer happens.

But, in case, even after performing all the steps, you still face the problem then move to the method two and try to resolve this problem.

3. Method Two:

Try and force sample company to open up.  In case even after performing the troubleshooting steps if you are getting the problem, this shows that then there are good chances that the Pervasive may be corrupted

  • Uninstall the Pervasive with the help of the Database Repair Utility
  • Reinstall the Pervasive again with the help of the Database Repair Utility.
  • Now, see if you are getting the error again by opening Sage.
  • After this, you should not be getting the error 3012 again.
Need Professional Help?

However, you are still getting the error or you are unable to perform or understand any of the steps mentioned above then contact our AccountingErrors Sage technical support company, and we will do everything possible to resolve this issue. The wonderful news is that our Sage technical support helpdesk is available 24 by 7 and can be contacted by simply dialing .

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