Peachtree Error 41

Error Code 41 Peachtree Accounting

Peachtree Error 41 is a normal error that can be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article. As we know that Peachtree is a brand that focuses on developing only the best solutions for the companies, therefore, it is quite evident that all of their solutions are highly efficient and do not really show up many technical errors frequently. But at times there can be some errors than bring a halt to the operations, and one of such errors is the Peachtree Error 41.

Though, from the time Peachtree has changed its name to Sage, the company has improved its performance all the more! This is one of the reasons why Sage accounting solutions are stepping up the popularity curve every moment.

Also, when it comes to resolving technical errors related to Sage you can seek technical assistance over the phone as well. We have an in-house AccountingErrors Sage technical support team who can help you with Sage related technical issues at any time.

Different forms of Peachtree Error 41

Peachtree Error 41 can appear in a host of different ways like:

  • The Printer is not activated, and error code -30 shows up on the screen when the user tries to print a check
  • The Printer is not activated, and error code -20 appears on the screen when the user tries to print a check
  • The Printer is not activated, and error code 41 pops up on the screen when the user tries to print a check
  • At times the user can print other reports as well as the forms from inside Sage 50 but not the check


Now, find out some of the common causes of the Peachtree Error 41:

  • Peachtree Error 41 can appear in cases where the form is set as print to Sage Accounting solution email writer
  • At times some of the temp printer files which are present in forms folder can also cause some issued which can lead to Peachtree Error 41

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Here’s How You Can Fix Peachtree Error 41:

Method Number One

Erase Out all the PTR files from inside the Forms Folder

  • First, get to the Sage accounting solution’s data path (You can even choose to see the separate dedicated steps in order to find the data path and program path)
  • After you get there, please open up the folder which is named as ‘Forms’
  • In this folder you would have to erase all the files which are there in the folder with the extension ‘.PTR’

Method Number Two

Swap the default printer

  • Open up a Run command by first opening the Run window by pressing Windows Key + R together on the keyboard
  • In the Run command write down ‘Control Printers’ and click on the OK button
  • Ensure that the Sage Accounting Solution Email Writer is not at all set to be the default printer

We are sure that you would be able to fix the Peachtree Error 41 by following the steps above. If not, then please call our Sage technical helpline by dialing . Our Sage Tech Support Team is just a phone away!

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