Peachtree Error 54

Peachtree error 54 is linked to theinterrupted Read / Write problem when accessing a file.It can solved by following some easy steps. As we know that, Peachtree has established a name for itself in the market of accounting solutions across the globe The Company has grown leaps and bounds in only a few years. However, the name of the firm was changed to Sage, but the change in name nowhere led to the change in the product quality, or its popularity.

In fact, the accounting company is known worldwide for manufacturing first-rate accounting solutions. The products that they manufacture are of high quality, and users do not really face much technical issues while using them. It is just that sometimes, you can face certain errors like the error 54. And, we have a talented AccountingErrors Sage technical support team which has the capability of handling all the issues with ease.

About Peachtree Error 54

Now, coming to the error 54, associated with a write/read problem, normally, this means that a damaged data file which is typicallylinked to theproblem. The usual course of correction is to reinstatethe last known data backup or to have all the data professionally repaired. Now, the major question is why this error happens so frequently? The most generic answer is power interruption or hardware problems including, NIC drivers, cabling, network cards, switches etc.

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Here are the main causes of this Error 54, which is basically a damaged data error, and is not a program issue:

  • In case the Userpref.dat is corrupted
  • Error 54 also occurs of the drive is mapped imperfectly
  • Also, in case the drive is mapped via a share above the Peachtree folder as a substitute to the Peachtree folder itself as it is straightup the datapath folder


Here is how you can easily solve this error:

  • In case the workstation will open, select the option Maintain, Company data and note the Directory; in case the company doesn’t open, you may have to follow some other troubleshooting steps as well
  • Shut down all files related to Sage 50 on all the workstations
  • Reopen the workstationand browse through to the company directory
  • After the above steps, Right-click on the UserPref.DAT, and after that select the option that reads Delete or you may also choose Rename and writeuserpref.old

However, if the workstation is opened again, a fresh UserPref.DAT will be made automatically. This file ill include the user preferences for Sage 50, like all the shortcuts or international options inside Sage 50.

  • Shut down theworkstation
  • Reopen the accounting software, Sage 50 as well as the company
  • Check if you still get theerror or not

Steps which are listed above are absolutely effective and should be followed thoroughly to solve this problem. However, you can always feel free to contact our Sage technical support team as well to get quick resolution. Our Sage tech support helpline is operational round the clock!

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