Peachtree Error 8591

Peachtree Error 8591 makes it difficult for Windows to start off the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine on the Local workstation. For detailed data, you can choose to see the System Event Log.

Peachtree as we know has set a benchmark when it comes to accounting solutions. Though, it now known as Sage, but people still resonate with its old name. The accounting solutions manufacturer has been regarded as one of the top accounting Solutions Company since years now, and its wonderfully developed software completely justify the tag that it had got.

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Now, let’s talk about this Peachtree error 8591 which may also be read as, “Windows unable to start the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine on the LocalWorkstation.”


Here are the possible causes of error 8591:

  • At times, the W3dbsmgr.exe process which is predominantlyrunning in Windows task manager causes this problem
  • If the Firewall or the settings bar the Pervasive then also error 8591 pops up
  • One of the other major causes of this error is corrupted Pervasive installation
  • Also, if the Windows Management Instrumentation Service stops running, in that case also Peachtree error 8591 can appear

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How to resolve the Peachtree error 8591?

Method One

Restart your workstation

The easiest and the quickest resolution to this Peachtree problem is to restart the computer

After restarting the workstation, please check if you can open up Sage 50 without any issue or whether you are able to start the Pervasive without any hassle or not  .

Method Number Two

Completely shut down the w3dbsmgr.exe process

  • Press the keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc together on the keyboard of your workstation
  • Now, select the Processes tab, in case you are using a Windows Vista or 7, however if you are using a Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 then select the Details tab
  • Choose the w3dbsmgr.exe in the list of image titles.
  • Now, select End Process by clicking the button which is present on the bottom right.
  • After this accept the warning by selecting Yes
  • Once you are done with steps, reboot Pervasive service.
  • Please check whether you still getting the problem or not.

The troubleshooting steps which are listed above offer the best resolution to the Sage technical Error 8591. The steps are easy to follow, and if these are followed with perfection then you can easily get the error resolved. Call our AccountingErrors Sage Technical Support helpdesk team.

Our Sage helpdesk is open 24 by 7, and you just have to dial ✆+1-855-481-5338 to talk to one of our superbly talented Sage technical experts!

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