Peachtree Error Module 4

Whenever your Peachtree accounting solution gives you this Peachtree Error Module 4, it’s time to first of all take the backup of everything needed. And, relax as in this article you will find the exact causes and the resolution steps for solving this Peachtree Error Module 4.

As we know that Peachtree has been a top accounting solution providers since ages. The company has created a benchmark of developing high quality accounting programs. Though, they changed their name from Peachtree to Sage, but this change only amplified their quality and adaptability. When it comes to the kind of software that they produce, you would be glad to know that they develop a wide range of softwares which are apt for different types of organizations.

Plus, the biggest advantage of using Sage accounting solutions is that they are high on efficiency and people hardly face any technical issues while using them. And, if they do then the errors are very easy to resolve. And, in case you need any kind of technical assistance for solving Sage technical errors then you can call our AccountingErrors Sage Technical Support Team at any time of the day.

Listed below are some of the common causes of the Peachtree Error Module 4:

  • Inaccurate settings of the necessary sharing permissions
  • Inapt settings of the important security authorizations
  • The Data which is present is damaged or corrupt
  • Custom report is corrupted
  • Data files which are present are mistakenly hidden

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Here’s how you can resolve the Peachtree Error Module 4:

Method Number One:

Inappropriate Sharing Settings

Firstly, you would have to check if the data file authorizations are properly set or not

Method Number Two

Corrupted Custom Report

  • In case the technical problem begins instantly after a conversion, then you will have to restore the backup which was created before conversion wizard was run.
  • You would not have to go through the conversion now, but you can cancel it when it starts
  • You may even look for specific support articles to see how to create the backup
  • Now, just shut down the Sage 50 accounting solution
  • Again open up the workstation and get to the company’s directory
  • Here, erase the RPTDATA.DAT

Remember that every custom report will have to be redesigned

  • Now, open up Sage accounting solution again, and the company too
  • In case you get the prompt, go to the Conversion Wizard.
  • In case the problem persists, again store the new backup.
  • You would have to repeat these steps if required in order to fix the error completely

Two of the methods listed above are the topmost solutions to fix Peachtree Error Module 4. By following the steps thoroughly, you will surely be able to fix the error. However, in case you need detailed instructions over the phone, then please dial our Sage technical helpdesk by calling . You will get in touch with our Accounting Errors Sage Technical support team and they will guide you through every step!

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