Peachtree Error Reading Module 4

The accounting programs company, Peachtree is now known by the name of Sage accounting programs. Peachtree or Sage have been there in the market of accounting solutions since ages, and the company has developed a large number of world-class accounting solutions for various organizations.

The accounting applications developed by Sage are very smartly designed, as they can be adopted and used by plenty of varied organizations without any issues. Plus, all the features inside Sage are very smartly placed, which makes it easier for the users to start using the new software without wasting much time in learning the new software or the new features. Also, the software is very efficient, and only at times users face certain issues like the Peachtree Error Reading Module 4.

Now, coming to the technical glitches in Peachtree, which are rare and easy to fix, one of them, which is Peachtree Error Reading Module 4 can be solved by following the steps mentioned in this article. For other issues you can always contact our Sage technical helpdesk. Our Accounting Errors Sage Technical Support team is always ready to help you fix any sort of Sage related technical problem.

Listed below are a few of the main causes of the Peachtree Error Reading Module 4:

  • Wrong settings of the requiredsharing authorizations
  • Irrelevant settings of the necessarysecurity authorizations
  • The Data that is present is either damagedor corrupt
  • Custom report is absolutely corrupted
  • Data files that are present are accidentallyhidden

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Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the Peachtree Error Reading Module 4:

Method One

Incorrect Sharing Authorizations

Firstly, you see if the data file permissions are aptly set or not

Method Two

Corrupted or Damaged Custom Report

  • In case the technical issuestarts offpromptly after a conversion, in this case you should firstly take the backup that was generated before the conversion wizard was started.
  • Immediately cancel the conversation, you do not have to run it now
  • You can even look for dedicated support sources to see how to restore the backup
  • Shut down Sage accounting program
  • Open up the software and theworkstation and open up the company’s directory
  • Here, remove the RPTDATA.DAT
  • Open the Sage accounting program again as well as the company file
  • Go to the Conversion Wizard, only if you get the prompt
  • In case the technical error keeps popping up, again restore the next most latest backup
  • Then repeat this step if necessary in order to solve the error completely

You can also update all the drivers of your computer in order to fix the error. Plus, just make sure that the Sage accounting program that you are using is installed properly. Also, it is advisable to upgrade it to the latest edition.

For resolving the error or for anything else related to upgrading Sage or even using it, you can get direct help over the phone from our Sage technical helpline, the number is . Our Accounting Errors Sage Technical Support team will help you instantly!

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