How to Setup Password for QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks is the accounting solution for the small and medium sized businesses. The users of the QuickBooks can easily store the complete business information in it. You can make the lists of the employees, clients, vendors and products.

You can also save the complete data of the transactions like deposits, payments, and sale and purchase receipts in the QuickBooks software. This software provides the best option to track all your business activities without any complications.

The QuickBooks has a lot of financial and personal information of the business or company. The users can use the QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online versions. If you are using the online version, you have to enter the login ID and password when you enter to your online QuickBooks account But what about your desktop version.

Are you using the proper security on your QuickBooks desktop? It is very important to secure your QuickBooks desktop account because you will never want that any unwanted user access your financial information.

Secure your QuickBooks desktop with Password:

So the best option to secure your QuickBooks desktop version is to use the password in your system. The administrator can set up the password in the v account so that no unwanted user can open and access the QuickBooks account without his permission. It is very easy process to set up the password in the QuickBooks account.

Any user who is the administrator of QuickBooks can set up the password by using the following process:

Process to Set Up the Password

  • If you want to set up the password in QuickBooks desktop, you have to open the QuickBooks and will navigate to the Company > set up user and password > set up users
  • This is the option given to set up the new user name of admin and to set up the password.  Then go to the user list window and choose the option admin > edit user.
  • Then go to the Administrator’s Password field and enter the password. You have to enter the password again in the confirm password field.
  • You have to answer a security question. Choose any question from the list and then answer it for the security reasons.
  • Then you will click the Next and will finish the process.

You will be able to set up the new user name and password with this process in your QuickBooks account. It is very important to use the password option to keep your business financial data and information secure. Every time you will open your QuickBooks desktop account, it will ask you to enter the user name and password. Only you will be able to use the QuickBooks account then.

You can make admin to any trustworthy person who is available always in the office. He can use the QuickBooks account then to track the business activities. If you forgot the password then you will get the recovery option for it. You can choose the “forgot my password” option and the recovery link will be sent to your registered email. So it is very good option to set up the password.

Need Professional Help?

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