QuickBooks Automatic Backup not Working


So you updated the backup settings for your QuickBooks Desktop and set it to automatic, but lately it does not seem to be working. What can one do in such a situation when you need to back up your data at a very short interval and doing it manually is not feasible? When your QuickBooks Automatic Backup is not working, you can follow the guidelines provided below by the AccountingErrors help-team.


You created the automatic backup for your QuickBooks but at times when it takes the backup, only .12 KB .tmb file is being saved.

There are two types of basic backups and they take place according to their settings:

Automatic Backup (ABU_): It is initiated when you are closing the company file. (File> Close Company)

Scheduled Backup (SBU_): If the backup location is accessible, it is initiated regardless of the close or open status of the file.

Possible Reasons behind the issue 

  • File name too long
  • File path  too long
  • Huge file size
  • Wrong drive or insufficient permissions
  • Keep QuickBooks running setting
  • Problem with username and password.

Resolving the Automatic Backup Issue:

You can easily resolve the Automatic Backup Issue if you follow the resolutions provided below attentively:

To Recreating the Backup Schedule, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Open your QuickBooks and go to
  • Click on Backup Company and then on Create Local Backup
  • Click Local Backup and then hit
  • Click Only Schedule Future Backups and hit Next
  • Click
  • Fill in the Description & Location and set the number of copies of the backup you want to keep.
  • Fill in the Time and Days you want the backup to be created.
  • Hit Store Passwords and fill your Windows Credentials.
  • Hit Ok and then

To Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode, You need to perform the mentioned below steps:

  • Go to the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and right-click it. From the menu, select Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode.
  • You will be redirected to the Compatibility Mode Section to choose the Compatibility.
  • Check the box Run this program in Compatibility Mode for:
  • A drop-down will appear, choose Windows 7
  • Go to the Privilege Level Section and check Run this program as an administrator
  • Hit Apply and then hit

You can try changing the directory as well if nothing works for you. To doing so, you need to follow mentioned below steps:

You can rename the QuickBooks Company file:

1. Renaming your QuickBooks Desktop File:
  • Backup the QuickBooks Company File.
  • Check the location of the Company file:
    1. Go to the homepage and hit F2 or Ctrl+ 1 to open the product information window.
    2. Note the location given in the File Information field.
2. Browse to the specified location:
  • Go to the file and right-click it. Click Rename.
  • Enter the new file name and hit Enter
  • Hit Yes and confirm the action.
  • Setting up QuickBooks Desktop to use the new company file name:
    1. Open your QuickBooks and go to File menu and click Open or restore an existing company.
    2. Click Open a company file and hit Next.
  • Select the freshly renamed company file and hit Open.
3. Deleting the Temp Folder:
  • Hit Windows+ R keys to launch the Run Command.
  • In the black field, fill %TEMP% and hit Enter.
  • Right-click the temp folder and hit

Solutions according to causes : QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working

  • QuickBooks company file name is greater than 65 characters.
  • Lot of spaces b/w Company file name.
  • Using underscores & special characters.


Don’t give a file name exceed 30 characters, stop using special character and spaces

  • Your  company file is not in the root drive.
  • Company file path is very long.
  • And the backup file path is also long.


If you want to fix this problem, so shorten your file path.

If your QuickBooks file has become too large and backed up is more than 3 GB in size.


To avoid this problem use similar file size.

  • If you are using External drive or Pen drive for the backup.
  • Don’t have a full permission or rights for windows access.


If you want to fix this issue, create your backup file either in the root  drive of the directory or on a desktop ,  restore your data as per your desired location.

Preference Setting Conflict is another reason behind the cause for automatic or scheduled backups.


If you want QuickBooks backup process running normally , so stop or turn off the setting.

  • The improper configuration.
  • Configuration is not done properly during the setup process, it takes a place regarding the user name & password.


Here we are talking about the windows user name & password, not  a QuickBooks  user name, you have to take into consideration that if the PC where the QuickBooks file is scheduled for backup is on a domain, the username must be that username that is used on a domain- domain\username.

Need Professional Help?

These solutions provided above will ensure that your problem is completely resolved. In case you need some technical help with this or another QuickBooks Issue, we advise you to get in touch with our AccountingErrors QuickBooks Technical Support team on . They provide their services around the clock.

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