QuickBooks Condense Error

What is ‘QuickBooks Condense Data Error’?

While using QuickBooks , we often come across this error- “QuickBooks Condense Repair: QuickBooks encountered a system error when trying to archive your data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file.” This error takes place at times when we are trying to condense our data.

There are several other error codes that appear on the screen in the same manner:-

  • QuickBooks encountered a system error when trying to archive your data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file. The Error is- An unspecified error (error 80004005). Please try the operation again.
  • QuickBooks encountered an error & was unable to successfully complete the Condense process. Your company file has been restored to its original state.
  • Unable to run the QuickBooks . Clean Up Company Data Utility
  • QuickBooks Condense Freezes
  • Transaction held because this transaction has not been paid
  • Transaction held because the funds are not yet deposited
  • Transaction held because this transaction is ‘Linked’ to the above outer-level transaction.

Why Does This QB Condense Error Take Place?

The data errors are the errors that take place when trying to rebuild and verify. By focusing on the reason for the error, we should be able to repair the source transaction. Once the damaged or corrupt file is repaired, we could run Verify and the message displayed will look like this- “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data.” It indicates that the file is clean now.

Any file carrying negative inventory and negative quantity cannot be condensed. To condense a QuickBooks file, we will need to repair the negative inventory first.

The main reason behind the QuickBooks condense error

  • Company file is corrupted or damaged.
  • Or QuickBooks log file is damaged or corrupted.
  • If you want to condense your data then, the error takes place.
  • Not enough storage is available for the QuickBooks condense data utility.
  • Opening a company file in another computer network.

Condensed Transactions Have These limitations

  • Payroll transactions are not removed if the condense date falls into the previous year.
  • In case the employee’s W2 is not reviewed, Payroll Transactions will not be removed.
  • Any invoice, payments, credit memos and Refund Checks that are not correctly linked to one another.
  • Payment records of Undeposited Funds.
  • Bill Payments, Bills and Bill Credits that aren’t correctly linked to one another.
  • Estimates that are linked to invoices.
  • If the Sales Tax is not paid in the “Pay sales tax” dialogue box. Please note that if you are paying your Sales Tax by using Checks, then your invoices would be left open. We will need to replace the checks with Sales Tax Payment. Ensure that the details are correct and valid.
  • Any transaction linked to the Non-condensable Transactions will not be removed. Let’s work it out by a simple example: Let’s suppose that we entered an invoice on 15-12-2017 and the payment we made was on 15-01-2018. Now we will run the condense until 31-12-2017. Now the payment falls after the condense-period, therefore, it will not be condensed

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Condense Error?

There is no valid data available to resolve this issue manually. There are other options where a technical support executive will carry out a process to fix this error. The resolution to this error requires some heavy software and an advanced computer user.

You get the valid information regarding the Quickbooks Condense Error above. In case you are not able to understand anything, or you feel like there are things that you need to inquire about, you can get in touch with our technical support team. They are experts in resolving Quickbooks and related products related problems. They are a third-party agent, who deal with Quickbooks and its errors.

You can get in touch with one of the technical support experts by calling at their toll-free technical support number . They provide their services throughout the day and across the whole world.


  1. Why do QuickBooks condense errors?

    Condense helps to create a report based on which you can find the summary of monthly journal entries for the old and closed transactions. These reports help you to view the clear graph and the current working version of the QuickBooks data file.

  2. How long does it take to condense a QB file?

    It usually takes 4 to 16 hours. The time is taken based on the size of your file or the network speed. In any case, if timed out then the QuickBooks condense error will pop up on your screen, you need to start the process again from the beginning.

  3. What condense data utility creates?

    The condensed data utility streamlines the company file which is done by condensing closed transactions to the report of journal entries. Once you are done with this process, then delete all unused elements. The utility option makes a journal entry for every month in the selected period.

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