QuickBooks Couldn’t Connect to the Email Server


When you are using QuickBooks Desktop and accessing its webmail, you face an error after entering your email password. You get this error messages on the screen, which states, Couldn’t Connect to Email Server. We were unable to connect to the email server for your email provider.

QuickBooks not connecting to email server is a simple problem which can be handled by the AccountingErrors QuickBooks help-team’s help-guide.

Follow the guidelines given below to ensure a good recovery.


When you try to send a form you face an error on the screen, which could indicate alternatively this too:

“QuickBooks could connect to the remote server but could not connect with the server response. Please try again to see if the problem has been corrected on the server. If the problem persists, contact QuickBooks Technical Support.”

Ways of Resolving QuickBooks could not connect the Email Server Error

Here we are talking about “how to fix error QuickBooks could not connect the Email Server”, we a explain more than one step for resolve this error :

1. Step: Upgrade to The Latest Version 

  • # In the first step go to the upgrade to the latest version .
  • # In the next step there are two choices: first is make sure about the selected product ,and second one is ,if you want to change then visit the change link and select the QuickBooks product .
  • #After that download the Update file , select the Update button .
  • # In the last step we learn about how to set QuickBooks automatically, download the latest version and how to update, before doing the Select Automatic Update .

2. Step: Reset Your Web Mail ,Verify Setting  

  • # In the 2nd step there are choice of user, from the QuickBooks edit menu
  • #Then select the send forms option on the left pane menu.
  • #Let’s move along the next, in my preferences, choose the email account which you want  to use  and press the edit button .
  • #In the next step click edit, after that open edit email information window ,Navigate SMTP server area  and reset server name .

3. Step: Change The Internet Setting to The Default Option

  • # Firstly, open the Internet Explorer (IE),hit the  tools menu or Gear icon .
  • #After that choose the Internet option.
  • #Then, go to the Advance Setting  tab and select the Restore setting option.
  • # In the last step choose Ok, then shut down the browser .

After following the above steps, It is clear that error came because of some violation of Anti Virus. In such situations, It is always better to have a consultation with an IT person or Anti Virus provider to ask for help.

After above three listed solutions, if you are still facing the same issue again, then you can perform the following solutions according to the error message;

Error Messages & Their Solutions

Error – Internet not connected or Firewall blocking the connection .

Solution – Open internet explorer and try to connect or access the websites.

Error – Entered wrong authentication, wrong email or password 

Solution – In this case, you can login via email account through a web browser and check whether an email account and password are working or not .

Resolving the Connection Error on your QuickBooks Desktop

There are several available methods to resolve this issue. Any of the solutions may solve your issue, but please follow them in order:

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(Note: Please follow the process in the given manner to ensure a complete and hassle-free recovery)

Updating the QuickBooks to its latest release

  • Access the Update to the Latest Release
  • Ensure that your product is selected. If it is not selected, then click the Change link and choose your QuickBooks product.
  • Click the Update It will download the update file.
  • Finally, click on Setup Automatic Update and learn about how you could set QuickBooks to automatically download and install the updates on time.

Go to the web mail preferences and check the settings

  • Go to the Edit menu of QuickBooks and choose
  • Go to the left pane and select Send Form.
  • Go to My Preferences and choose the email account currently in use by you and click
  • Click on STMP Server Details section and fill in the server name and port to set it to your mail.

Resetting Internet Explorer’s services to default

  • Launch Internet Explorer and click the Tools Menu or gear icon.
  • Go to Internet Options, click it.
  • Browse to the Advanced tab and then select Restore Advanced Settings.
  • Finally, click Ok, and exit the browser.

If none of the methods given above works and you suspect that the issue could be with the anti-virus you are using, then get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support Team to help you resolve the issue.Apart from the methods described above, you can follow one of these solutions as well if you know the specifics of your issue:

  • If you are connected to the internet but the connection is being blocked by the firewall, we advise you open Internet Explorer and visit any website.
  • If your email server settings are not correct then follow the steps provided in the second solution.
  • If it shows that your Email address or password is incorrect, then you need to login to your account using a web browser. Verify that your email address and password combination works.

If you are still unable to perform a thorough troubleshooting of the problem, then the issue could be with the system or its settings. We advise you to get in touch with the AccountingErrors QuickBooks Tech support team of experts who can help you out in eliminating the issue. They are a third-party company which has a strong team of QuickBooks experts at their help desk.

You can give a call at their toll-free helpline number ✆+1-855-481-5338 to speak to one of their QuickBooks Experts. They work 24*7 to provide you with an instant solution for your QuickBooks issue.

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1. Why is my QuickBooks email unable to work?

QB users must be sure that your QuickBooks is not running as an administrator. After that, you have to check and verify the email preferences to make sure about the correct setting with QuickBooks. Now, you have set email preferences in the internet explorer accurately. After following all guidelines, check and repair MAP132.

2. How would I be able to link my email with QuickBooks?

The first thing you have to do to open the QuickBooks Edit menu and then choose the preferences. After following on-screen instructions, choose to send forms and hit the click on the WebMail. From the drop-down menu, select the Add option. Enter all required information along with the email address and then click on OK to finish the process.

3. How to fix email issues in QuickBooks desktop?

Hit the first Right-click on the icon of QuickBooks and then choose the  ‘Properties’. From the available preferences select the ‘Compatibility’ tab. If you run this program as Administrator is chosen, then unmark it. Proceed toward the next step with an OK click. Now, restart your system with an updated configuration that will fix this issue.