How to Configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

“QuickBooks Database Server Manager” a utility that enables your configuration with QuickBooks to access on multi-user platform. QuickBooks is an accounting software that endorses you to handle all your financial transactions and bookkeeping. Irrespective of what type of business you have or you are operating. It assists and guide you through all accounting problems. QuickBooks Database Server Manager helps creating files for network data and for company also that they can be stored on the Host Computer. Even with Multiple features of Database Server Manager, you can have multiple processes version in chronological order in one software. It also ensures proper functioning of Database Services in background.

Know How to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager:

There are certain points to be kept in mind prior to installation and even while installing QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Here, we are discussing few tips that help you in installing the documents.

  • Click(Double) the installer to start your installation wizard.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet so that you can download update. If not connected, click on “no” and then click “Next”.
  • Make sure you close all open programs and then click on “Next”.
  • Accept “terms in the license agreement” and then click on “Next”.
  • Select for custom or network setting and install accordingly.
  • Select yes to allow access.
  • Enter product number & license number (you will get the guidance on the window for this.)
  • Your setup is ready once it has been installed.

Know How to update QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Updates for every software are periodically released and it is always advisable to you to install every latest update that is available.

  • At first, you need to download the patch file of QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • A recommended point – you need to reboot the server after the patch installation completes.
  • Once your server has been updated, you will receive a message “The company file needs to be updated to work with this version of QuickBooks Desktop”
  • The update can create certain changes in the database structures. Hence, you need to take the backup.
  • You are ready to open the file once update is done.

Know How to setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager

You can use the setup for particularly two purposes.

  • Scan the folder that needs to be configured for multi-user access.
  • To monitor local drives so that you can configure new company files automatically

For setting up, you need to go through certain vital steps, that we are discussing right now.

  • Open – QuickBooks Database Server Manager – You need to go to the folder where QuickBooks Database Server Manager is saved or follow the dedicated path.
  • Scan – Folder features– You need to scan all the that are stored in the company files to ensure their proper configuration to allow other’s user access.
  • Monitored Drive Features It keeps your software up-to-date as you add new company files to your server.
  • Database Server The company files that are connected to the server and the list of the users logged in to the company. It makes sure that the system should be running.

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