QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Makes It Easier to Run Your Business

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 brings with it many new and exciting features that can transform the way in which your organization handles accounting. From a real time chat app to improved multi user mode, we will be looking at each of the new updates. Also, many improvements have been made to existing functionalities and tools of QuickBooks.

New features in QuickBooks 2017

1. Communication Tool

This is by far the most important update in QuickBooks 2017. Prior to release of a revamped version of communication tool, it was merely used for sending request for changing from multi user mode to single user mode. This very restricted function made people averse to it.

With the new update, this tool has been transformed into a complete real time chat application inside QuickBooks. Users can send and receive messages in real time. Thus collaboration at your organization can now be taken up a notch. For QuickBooks Hosting users this brings in added benefits. Users can simply work from home while managing entire teams through this tool. Also, you won’t need to travel long distances just to make a few entries for your clients.

2. View Filters applied on Reports

Yes, you heard it right. Now, users can easily view all the filters applied on a particular report. For many users this is a benediction straight from heaven as they can now recreate reports or modify them easily. By checking the filters, users can substantially modify a report according to their requirements. Hence, reporting has become more robust than ever.

Also, industry specific reports downloaded in QB can also be modified or recreated. Users can use these industry specific reports for analyzing data that might be specific to a particular industry. Various such reports can be downloaded for free from QB.

3. Predictive Search

Like Google, QB can now predict your search queries while you are filling in the input field. QB analyzes the search pattern of users and uses the previously entered data to predict these results. Also, all forms, tags, receipts and reports are indexed. Hence your productivity is increased manifold.

With QB 2016, Intuit focused on introducing small but key functionalities such as batch action, bill tracking and so on. With QB 2017 their focus shifted towards introducing tools instead of functionalities. These tools are indeed necessary for all organization that rely on large amount of accounting data. Also, better analysis of this data will help organizations in gaining better insights.

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