QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool to Fix Network and File Error

QuickBooks Diagnostic tool is a free software provided by Inuit. Through this tool, users can diagnose network and company file errors. These errors can then be fixed by it. If there is an irrecoverable error, or the company file is damaged, QuickBooks Diagnostic tool will not be able to fix the underlying issue. This is a free software that can be downloaded via Intuit’s website.

When to use QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor can be used for diagnosing multiple errors including, but not limited to:

  • Network Errors: Network errors can arise due to a dysfunctional internet connection or a blocked IP address. Errors such as QuickBooks error H101, H202, H505 and H303 are some of the most common QuickBooks network errors.
  • Company File issues: Network errors can be easily resolved but company file issues are notoriously known for their complexity. They are a serious threat to company file data. Error series -6000 is one of the most frequently encountered company file error. Underlying issues for these errors can be disparate and difficult to identify, even by this tool

Complications with network connection is usually the most common underlying cause for network errors. Check whether or not your internet connection is running properly. Windows 7 and above recognize the IP address for the network connection automatically. You should consider setting a static IP address by going to network menu. You can get the address from your Internet Service Provider.

QuickBooks requires access to various ports in order to connect to services. In many cases, these ports are blocked. You can unblock these ports by going to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Here, you need to set inbound and outbound rules for the QuickBooks executable file. You can also contact your ISP and get QuickBooks unblocked from their ports.

Company file issues are a direct threat to the accounting data of an organization. You should backup all the data as soon as you see something amiss. Only after backing up the data, run QuickBooks diagnostic tool.

Download link for QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. Before installing this tool, make sure that your have .NET framework 3.5 pre installed on your system. Here’s a link for .NET framework 3.5.

Steps to Diagnose & Fix Errors with QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Here below are the most recommended steps to diagnose & resolve the quickbooks errors with diagnostic tool….

Total Time: 8 minutes

  1. Step One

    Open QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  2. Step Two

    Hit browse

  3. Step Three

    Select the company file and click on scan

  4. Step Four

    Click on Both File damage and Network connectivity. QB will first search for any network errors. If no network errors are found, then the tool will start the scan for company file. Time taken to scan the entire company file will depend on the size of the company file.

  5. Step Five

    Select workstation or server

Need Professional Help?

Once the scan is finished, the tool will start fixing the errors. In case the tool is unable to fix the error you are encountering, then feel free to contact our certified QuickBooks technical ProAdvisors at (Toll Free.)

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  1. Is the diagnostic tool part of the Tool hub and how it works?

    Yes, the diagnostic tool is part of QuickBooks tool hub. It helps in fixing all the company files and network-related problems that you face in your QuickBooks account. QuickBooks tool hub has many tools in it for resolving different errors or issues.

  2. How to run and fix QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool?

    1. Open the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool
    2. Check and then diagnose the Connection tab
    3. In the connection tab, check connectivity
    4. Then do check the status of the Firewall
    5. You have to re-install in the selective mode.

  3. What errors can be resolved by QuickBooks diagnostic tool?

    The errors that can be resolved by the diagnostic tool are as followed:-

    1. Microsoft .NET Framework issue
    2. Corrupted C++-related errors
    3. QuickBooks error code 1904
    4. ABS PDF driver error
    5. QuickBooks error code 1722
    6. QuickBooks error code 1712
    7. MSXML damage errors and more.

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