QuickBooks Encryption Error

QuickBooks is an amazing software which is utilized by millions of small and medium-sized business owners across the world. It is efficient, time saving and resourceful. It handles everything in accounting and finance operations, starting from creating tax tables to sorting payrolls.

The complex algorithm of QuickBooks keeps evolving and newer updates roll-out. The result we face is some kind of error in some kind of operations. Accountingerrors help-team is going to resolve QuickBooks Encryption Error in this article. It could be frustrating to deal with errors with no resolution to them.

The error messages you see on your screen may look like:

“LVL_SEVERE_ERROR–GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber Failed: The decryption has failed. CHECKPOINT: Failed to decrypt customer’s credit card number. Customer ID: nnnn.”

“LVL_ERROR–Unable to decrypt social security number/social insurance number”

Why Does QuickBooks Encryption Error Occur?

When sensitive information i.e. your credit/debit card no., insurance no. and bank account details etc. bear some damage to their encryption, this error pops-up.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Encryption Error?

You may need to follow only one simple solution provided by QuickBookserrors Helpdesk to troubleshoot your issue.

Please follow them step by step:

Method 1: To resolve this error, you need to check the QuickBooks Admin client for damage 

  • First of all, you have to sign in to your company document as the Admin. 
  • Then, you have to change the Admin password or secret key. 
  • After this, QuickBooks will re-encode the data in your record. Note that this may require a few minutes. 
Point to be Noted: If QuickBooks crashes while encoding, reach us. We may have to send your document to Data Services to eliminate all delicate data from the record. 
  • In the first step, sign out from your company record.
  • Go to File, then, at that point select Close Company or Logoff, then, at that point close QuickBooks. 
  • Return QuickBooks and sign in as the administrator to finish the re-encryption measure. 
  • Then, you have to check if the re-encryption is effective 
  • Must be sure about the above steps and run the Verify Data utility. 
  • The last step is to check the latest section in the log record. 

If you see any of the accompanying errors, get in touch with us to send your record to Data Services for a fix. 

Important Note: Only send your record to Data Services if the Admin client gets the Master Key error. If the error applies to non-administrator clients, you need to erase and reproduce the clients influenced. 

Method  2: Repair damaged encrypted fields also helps to fix this error 

Utilize the accompanying strides to fix damaged or missing encrypted fields. While these means are explicit to credit card numbers, you can utilize comparative systems for fixing Vendor Tax IDs or Employee SSNs. 

Step 1: Initially, the user required to run the Verify Data utility 

To do this, check for any conceivable data damage utilizing the Verify Data utility. 

Step 2: After this, you have to look for the error message in QBWin.log with the below instructions

  • Firstly, you need to check the error message in the QBWin.log to perceive what is influenced. 
  • Discover the QBWin.log and save it to any area you can without much stretch access like your Desktop. 
  • Hit the right-click the QBWin.log record. Select Open with, then, at that point pick Notepad. 
  • Note the Customer names and IDs that show up in the QBWin.log. 

Step 3: Make all required changes or edit the credit card number of influenced client 

Editing the credit card number eliminates the damaged data. If a lot of clients are influenced, you can check Use progressed import to abrogate damaged credit card data. This way you can do it productively. 

  • Go to the Customers menu and then choose the Customer Center. 
  • Now, you have to choose the little bolt over the search bar, then, at that point pick All Customers. 
  • Discover the name of the Customers or Jobs you took note of. 
  • If the name of the Customer or Job isn’t on the rundown 
  • Double-tap the Customer or Job to edit, then, at that point go to the Payment Settings tab. 
  • Enter a 16-digit sham credit card number and lapse date, then, at that point select Ok. 
  • Go to the Payments Settings tab once more. 
  • Enter the right credit card number and lapse date, then, at that point select Ok. 
Important Thing: Repeat this progression for all the CustomersJobs or Jobs you took note of in the QBWin.log document. 

Step 4: The last step is to check and verify if data no longer has errors 

  • Run the Verify Data utility once more. This will tell if the issue is fixed. 
  • If there are no issues recognized, the issue is fixed. 
  • If the Verification comes up short, check the QBwin.log for different errors that made the confirmation fall flat. jobs you see Customers appearing, rehash Step 3. 
Point to be Noted: If you still experience "Verify Error: QuickBooks discovered an issue with, you need to check for a damaged Admin client or physically edit the data.
Need Professional Help?

This simple solution provided by Accountingerrors Help Desk should be able to resolve QuickBooks Encryption Error on your QuickBooks software. If you need some help with QuickBooks and related software, then you can contact the QuickBooks Technical Support Team’s Help Desk. They are a third-party QuickBooks Technical Support Provider and have a strong team of QuickBooks experts to help resolve any issue. You can get in touch with a QuickBooks Technical Support Expert by calling at their toll-free helpline. They provide their services 24*7.


  1. What does QuickBooks Encryption Error define?

    QuickBooks encrypted errors are one of the most problematic errors which usually appear due to the corrupted or damaged files in the encryption of sensitive fields such as social security, credit card numbers, and bank accounts. Before troubleshooting these errors, you have to update your current version to the new one and create a backup file. So, if any unexpected error appears, you can go back to that point where you started.

  2. How can I fix the QB encrypted errors quickly?

    To fix these errors, close the QuickBooks desktop and then download the QuickBooks Tool hub but make sure the most recent edition. Then you need to close the downloaded file. Moving forward with displayed guidelines to install and agree with terms and conditions. Hit double-click on the windows desktop icon to run the tool. It will automatically detect and correct the error.

  3. Is QuickBooks data encrypted?

    Yes, all editions of QuickBooks data are encrypted under high-security modules. But the QB backup accountant’s copy and portable company file are encrypted as well as decrypted without unlocking the password.

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