What is QuickBooks Error 15270 & How to Fix

Security software and firewall can often interfere with the functioning of QuickBooks. On updating QuickBooks, many new files are downloaded. These files aren’t available in the database of security software such as antivirus. Hence, some of these files are quarantined or permanently deleted. The response to threat differs, hence the method to resolve this error differs on the basis of your security software.

This error can also be a direct response of incomplete upgradation. If a few files weren’t downloaded during the updating process then you can face this error. QuickBooks will continuously crash until this error is resolved.

This QuickBooks Maintenance Releases Error error can arise in both, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Payroll.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error 15270

There are multiple ways through which you can resolve this error. Methods differ according to the underlying cause of this error.

Security Software

If you security software is causing the problem, then you should consider turning it off for a while. Also, you can recover the files deleted by your security software by opening the quarantined items. From there the deleted files can be restored. If your antivirus software deleted the file permanently then you’ll have to reinstall QuickBooks.

For Reinstalling QuickBooks, Follow the Steps Provided Below:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Programs and Features
  3. Click on QuickBooks
  4. Hit Uninstall
  5. Download the setup from internet
  6. Reinstall the software

By doing so, all the deleted files will be recovered. Once, QB is installed you should update the software.

Incomplete Update

If update was interrupted due to any reason, then you can either repair the software or reinstall it. For reinstalling the software, steps have been mentioned above. To repair the software, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Open Program and Features
  3. RIght click on QuickBooks
  4. Select Repair

The repair window will guide you through the whole process. Once repair is completed, open QuickBooks and update the software again.

If you still encounter this error, then feel free to contact us. Our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are available round the clock to resolve errors for users such as you. Further, they are highly articulate and can guide you through any functionality of QuickBooks. You can also get this error remotely fixed by contact us at QuickBooks Phone number 1-855-481-5338 (Toll Free.)

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