QuickBooks Error 1706: No Valid Source Could Be Found For Product

Doing business has become a lot easier since QuickBooks came to its inception and got on the market. QuickBooks handles all the accounting and finance-related operations for small and medium-sized businesses. From account management to preparing the tax tables, QuickBooks can handle all of these things without much hassle.

But sometimes some errors could throw our work off the track. Error 1706 in QuickBooks is one of them. This error takes place when we try to install the component update for Office 365 integration or any other purpose. It could be frustrating. That is why the Accounting Errors helpdesk is here to bring you a simple solution for this error.

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What causes Error 1706 on QuickBooks?

We get this error message, “Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product. The Windows Installer cannot continue” while trying to install the product. The causes for this error are mentioned below:

  • The installer file is unable to locate the install package.
  • Anti-virus is not letting the installation get through.
  • Office 365 is not installed or active.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1706


System Requirements to QuickBooks Error 1706

system requirements

Precautions to take before Resolutions QuickBooks Error 1706

precautions to take

How to resolve Error 1706 on your QuickBooks?

There can be several methods that can be used to fix QuickBooks error code 1706:

  • Clean the Windows Temp folder.
  • Try to fix the registry
  • Run Windows in Safe and Selective Startup mode
  • Disable the Anti-virus

We will follow these simple solutions to get past the error successfully on our Windows OS:

1. Solution One : We will clean the Windows Temp folder.

Here are the steps to clean the Windows Temp folder:

  • Press and hold Windows + R key.
  • The Run command will open up. Type %temp% in the box.
  • Select all the folders and files there.
  • Delete all of them.
  • In case you see a message, “the folder is in use”, skip it.
  • Try to open QuickBooks.

2. Solution Two : We will try to fix the registry

We will use the Microsoft Fixit tool to troubleshoot the problem. Now we will try to install the product again.

3. Solution Three : Now we will try to run Windows in Safe and Selective Startup mode

Now, reboot the system and try to install the product in Safe mode and Selective Startup mode.

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4. Solution Four : If none of the above-mentioned methods works, we will try to disable the Anti-virus

Simply go through the steps provided underneath to disable Anti-virus:

  • Disable the antivirus.
  • Try the installation with administrator rights.

All these steps should be enough to resolve Error 1706. Accounting Errors Team suggests you follow these steps one by one and in the given manner. In case you need further assistance with QuickBooks, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks Team. They are a third-party company that is always ready to help you with QuickBooks-related issues.

You can get in touch with one of the QuickBooks Technical Support Experts by CALL NOW. They provide their services around the clock and throughout the world.

Get the Instant Solution with Live Chat Experts

Are you still not able to resolve your QuickBooks issue? We have a team of QuickBooks experts with years of experience in resolving errors and issues. If you need any help asap, CHAT NOW our experts.


1. What is QuickBooks error 1706 No valid source and what can be the resultant reactions to this error?

It is also called an installation error derived from flaws in the operating system, similar components code 1304 and error Code 1642 contains the error while installing the .net patch mandatory for the start or better working of QuickBooks Point of Sale. The resultant reaction to QuickBooks Error 1706 is system slowdown and slow response from the system. In case several applications are running on your system it can also lead to a PC crash or sudden stoppage due to this error.

2. What are the various factors that lead to QuickBooks error 1706?

The listed below are the various factor that can cause the QuickBooks error 1706 to occur:

💠 Microsoft.NET Framework is not available or updated 
💠 You may have an incompatible or an inferior version of .NET Framework or it hasn’t been properly configured or installed 
💠 The installer application is damaged or corrupted
💠 Your installer file might be very old or damaged in case you’re trying to install the QB POS
💠 Unnecessary Windows startup applications
💠 QuickBooks POS system files are over fragmented 
💠 Windows registry errors are linked to QuickBooks POS.

3. How do we resolve QuickBooks error 1706?

You can fix QuickBooks error 1706 through various ways:

💠 Log in as the appropriate users with the correct permissions
💠 Use Windows installation cleanup utility 
💠 Starting the installation through a UNC path instead of Mapped Drive 
💠 Reinstall the operating system

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