QuickBooks Error 2000

QuickBooks Error 2000 Problem Uploading Data to service Sign-in was rejected

What is Error Code 2000 in QuickBooks

Remote network and server issues are the most common causes of QuickBooks error 2000. At times the error may also arise due to bank feedback, connectivity issues, and slow speed of the Internet. Try using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool or configuring your Firewall Settings helps you to deal with the error easily and quickly. 

Error: QuickBooks Error Code 2000  

Error Message: Problem Uploading Data to service Sign-in was rejected

The issue with the Bank Account is not active when you try to transmit data. The solution is to resubmit your request again. Additional details from the payroll service are required.

QuickBooks Error 2000 is a preference file error. This error can block connections to multiple services that can be accessed through QB. Some of these services include bank login, uploading files or tax forms, launching payroll, and so on. The preference file holds all information about the personal settings of a particular user in QB. Preferences for customized forms, invoices, and bills along with settings are saved in an .ini file.

Due to various reasons, the ini file can be damaged. Hence, in order to resolve these types of Quickbooks errors, we need to alter the name of this ini file.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 2000


System Requirements to avoid QuickBooks Error 2000

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Precautions to take before Resolutions QuickBooks Error 2000

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Follow the steps provided below to fix QuickBooks error 2000:

Easy Steps to Resolve Error Code 2000 in QuickBooks Payroll:

  • Find the QBWUSER.ini file
  • Rename it to EntitlementDataStore.ECML
  • Restart your system

Check if QB opens correctly or not. If not then you might have some connection issue. These connection problems are quite prevalent with cloud-hosted QuickBooks. QB needs a network connection through certain ports. Hence, you need to alter the firewall settings accordingly.

1. Change Firewall Setting

To resolve QuickBooks Error 2000 by altering firewall settings, you need to open Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings. Through advanced settings, you can set inbound and outbound rules for specific programs.

Here, you need to set both inbound and outbound rules for QuickBooks. Make sure to allow QB through all required ports. If QuickBooks error 2000 still persists, then contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP.) Your ISP may be blocking certain ports. These ports will only allow access to QB if and only if allowed by your ISP.

Once all of this is done, restart your system and launch QB. You should now be able to work easily. If there are some other connection problems, then they might be caused by third-party software such as your security software. Many security software come with an integrated firewall. You should turn off or uninstall your security software and try restarting QB.

2. QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Apart from this, you can try QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. This tool is available for free and can diagnose any issues with the company file or network connection. Further, minor errors can be fixed directly through this tool. More complicated network problems or damage to the company file may require expert intervention.

Also, it may take time for this tool to scan company file errors. Time taken will be proportionate to file size. Hence, the larger the file, the more time scanning will take.

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