QuickBooks Error 6144, -103

QuickBooks enables users to interlink their bank account with this accounting software. There are many perks of doing so. Firstly, users can directly perform transactions through QB. Also, all your bank transactions are automatically recorded. Hence, you will be able to easily reconcile accounts. You can also import bank data in WebConnect format.

What causes QuickBooks Error 6144, -103?

When multi-user hosting access is blocked in the QuickBooks software, you may get QuickBooks error 6144, -103:

  • QuickBooks Error 310 or 103 is often caused due to incorrect bank login credentials.
  • Error 103: Happens when your bank, for some reason, is blocking the login
  • Error 301: Happen when QB blocks the request because of multiple wrong entries. It blocks the request so that your bank account may not get blocked due to multiple login tries.

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How to Solve QuickBooks Error 6144, -103?

1. Method One:

Error 301 and 103 always come with a dialog box that has the link Verify your Credentials. This link will help you in removing errors 103 and 301.

Follow these steps to gain access back to your bank login page:

  • Click on the Verify your credentials link
  • In the Bank Window, enter the credentials.
  • Make sure to enter the correct credentials as your bank might block your online banking account. Also, it is advised that users enter credentials manually , as opposed to using the autofill feature.
  • Now enter the credentials into QuickBooks and click on Update Sign in info.
  • Sometimes, you might not see the verify your credentials link. In case this happens to you then simply update your software. You can update QB by going to help and selecting update QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 6144, 82

Some users have reported that they cannot view the login page for bank login after clicking on the Verify your credentials link.

A. To fix this, follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to the online bank login page but not through QuickBooks.
  • If you cannot access the login page then your bank’s server might be down or your internet connection might not be working. If the page opens, then continue with the next step.
  • Copy the bank url and paste it into QuickBooks.
  • Now log into the bank account with correct credentials.

Now, you will be able to work with your bank form inside QuickBooks without encountering Error 103. Still, you need to fix QuickBooks Error 310. Follow Mentioned below Method.

2. Method Two:

This can be easily done by following the steps given below:

  • Log into QuickBooks
  • Select Banking from the left navigation panel
  • Click on Edit (pencil icon)
  • Select Edit Sign in info
  • Click on the link provided and enter your bank login credentials
  • Click on Update Sign in Info.

QuickBooks Error 1712

You have successfully eliminated error 301. Now you will be able to access your bank account through QuickBooks. In case you entered incorrect credentials while updating your sign-in info and have been blocked by your bank, then contact the experts at your bank at the earliest.

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