QuickBooks Error 6190, 1005

Intuit champions QuickBooks as the accounting software for nonaccountants and rightly so. QB has great features and tools that simplify accounting. It is easy to get started with the software. You can find plenty of learning resources about QB on the internet.

Hence, as you get familiar with it, you can move on to handling more advanced accounting tasks with it. Still, sometimes errors can arise while using QuickBooks. One such error is QuickBooks Error 6190, 1005. This error is quite difficult to troubleshoot and can bring you to your wit’s end.

When does QuickBooks Error 6190, 1005 occur?

Being part of the QuickBooks Error 6000- series, the error automatically becomes a threat to the company file.

QuickBooks Error 6190, 1005 occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Error with Sample file
  • Error with Company File
  • Missing QuickBooks Desktop files
  • Malicious Programs

Error with Company file or Sample file

Company file and the sample file can easily be corrupted. This can happen when QuickBooks closes unexpectedly while the data is being saved to these files. Fortunately, Intuit provides QuickBooks File Doctor for checking any errors or issues with the company file.

This tool is available through their website and can be downloaded and used without incurring any cost. The tool checks for network errors. If no network errors are found then this tool proceeds the scanning of the company file. If any errors or issues are found or expected, you will receive the information about the same from this tool.

How to Resolve The Quickbooks Error 6190, 1005?

To use this tool for diagnosing and fixing issues with company file and sample file, follow the steps provided below:

  • Log into user account with administrative privileges
  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor from Intuit’s website.
  • Install the software
  • Open QuickBooks file doctor as an administrator
  • Click on Browse and select your company file
  • Begin the scan. QB File Doctor will first scan for network errors and then move on to scanning the company file. Time taken to scan the entire company file will depend entirely upon the size of the company file
  • Fix any issues or errors that QuickBooks file doctor identifies.

Once you have fixed the errors recognized by this tool, open QuickBooks.

Alternative Methods to Resolve The Quickbooks Error 6190, 1005

Solution 1: To fix this error, you need to update the QuickBooks with the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to open your QuickBooks 
  • Then, go to the Help menu ‘
  • Click on the Update QuickBooks from the drop-menu options
  • Hit the next click on the Update Now from the top corner section 
  • The next thing you have to create a check on Reset Update and then choose the Get Updates option 
  • Once the program is finished and then close the QuickBooks 

Solution 2: The best way to resolve this error is to download and run the QuickBooks Run Doctor. 

  • The initial step is to download the QuickBooks Tool hub then click on the Downloads by hitting the CTRL + J together 
  • Then, go to the downloads option from the available preferences
  • Hit the click on the Yes button to permit this application to make all required changes 
  • Choose an Install option and click on the Yes button to accepting the license terms & condition 
  • Once the installation process is completed, then click on the Finish button 
  • Now, you have to open the QuickBooks Tool hub
  • Then, click on the Company File issues tab
  • Hit the run button and it will automatically detect and correct the errors

Solution 3: You can also resolve this error by renaming the Network Data and TLG files

In QuickBooks accounting software, the network data and TLG file make an easy way to run the QuickBooks company files on the Network and Multi-user mode. In any case, if you found corrupted or damaged issues that might encounter the QuickBooks error code 6190, 1005. To resolve this error, you need to rename the files with the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, you have to open the QuickBooks company file location 
  • Then, you have a view of the files that has ND and TLG extensions
  • Give a right-click on them and then choose the Rename option 
  • The next thing you have to do write Old at the end of the file
  • Once you changed the name then click on the Yes button and give a confirmation 

Solution 4: The next alternative is to resolve this error is to  copy the company files to the Desktop 

  • Hit the right-click on the Desktop screen 
  • Then, you have to choose the New Folder 
  • Now, you have to open the present the company file location 
  • Give a right-click on the company file and choose the CTRL + C to copy 
  • Then, you have to open the New Folder and hit the right-click on it 
  • Choose the Paste or pressing the CTRL + V together 
  • The next thing you have to do to press and hold the CTRL key and make sure to leave the CTRL key  until the No company open window appears on the screen
  • Hit the click on the Open or Restore an Existing Company 
  • Choose the open a company file and click on the Next 
  • Then, you have to browse the desktop file that you have to be copied into a new folder
  • Click on the Open button 
  • In any case, if you are still unable to resolve the file then proceed to another solution. 

Solution 5:  Restore the QuickBooks Backup file is the best way to resolve the error with below-mentioned steps: 

In case you’re as yet incapable to open QuickBooks after duplicating to the work area, it very well might be a likelihood that your organization files(.QBW) are right now encountering a few issues. To determine it, you can restore the most recent backup file 

  • Firstly, you have to close the QuickBooks 
  • Now, you have to press and hold the CTRL key and must be sure that to unhold the key No Company Open Window pops-up on the screen
  • Click on the Open to restore an existing company 
  • Now, you have to select the Restore a backup  copy and click on the Next option 
  • Choose the Restore option to view the backup copy file
  • Click on the Next and move forward with on-screen guidelines until you find the restore the latest backup file.

Solution 6: Follow the steps to download and run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

  • In the first step, you have to download the QuickBooks Tools hub 
  • Then, open the downloads by the pressing CTRL + J together 
  • Click on the QuickBooks Tool hub from the downloads list 
  • Give a click on Yes button to permit this application to make all required changes 
  • Click on the Next button to install it 
  • Hit the click on the Yes button to agree with license agreement 
  • Wait until the installation process is not completed. Once it’s completed, click on the Finish button
  • Next, thing you have to open the QuicKBooks Tool hub icon 
  • Click on the Network issues and then choose the QuickBooks Database server manager  
  • Now, you need to scan the company file location 
  • Go to the “Scan Folders” tab and click on the Browse to choose the folder that saves the company file 
  • Click on the OK button and hit the “Start Scan” button to ensure about the issue is resolved or not 

Solution 7: If you failed to resolve this issue with the above solution then you need a QuickBooks Tasks from Task Manager

  • Firstly, you have to login as an Administrator 
  • Then, press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to view the task manager 
  • Mark the first option and then press Q from your keyboard to view the QuickBooks Process
  • The next thing you have to do to choose the QuickBooks Process and click on the End Task
  • At last, open your QuickBooks to check whether the issue is fixed or not.
Need Professional Help?

If the error still persists, then you might be missing a few files important for QB to parse the company file. Check your antivirus or any other security software for Quarantined items. Restore any deleted file related to QB. If it still doesn’t work then you might have to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop or run repair through the installer. If the QuickBookd error 6190, 1005 still persists then, feel free to contact us at toll free number of QuickBooks error support 📞+.


  1. What are the reasons behind the QuickBooks error code 6190, 1005?

    This issue happens when TLG files make a way to run the QuickBooks on multi-user mode or any other network. Another reason is corrupted or damaged TLG files. Fix this problem as soon as possible otherwise it leads to a major loss.

  2. How can I fix the QuickBooks error 6190, 1005 automatically?

    To fix this error automatically, update your QuickBooks to the latest version or run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. Before implementing any solution, the user has to create a backup file so if anything goes wrong your company data will be in a safe place.

  3. What are the common symptoms of QuickBooks error 6190, 1005?

    While updating the QuickBooks file, the QuickBooks error code 6190, 1005 might appear on your screen. It happens due to corrupted or damaged QuickBooks installation or when QuickBooks is unable to run with all the admin rights.

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