QuickBooks Error 83

What is Quickbooks Error 83 & How to Fix It?

QuickBooks is an accounting and finance software which handles the related services for the small and medium-scale companies. It ranks high in all the software of the same domain because of its easy to use interface and attractive services. However, some errors, i.e. QuickBooks Error 83, hinder the progress of your work when they occur. Accounting Errors help team will resolve this issue in this article.

QuickBooks Error 83:

This error occurs when you try to access the company file of QuickBooks stored on your Windows OS based computer system. Whenever you access QuickBooks, you see this error message dialogue flash on your computer screen:

An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again.

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 83

When any errors occur some identifications show the occurrence of that error. Like that, there are many symptoms through which you can identify QuickBooks Error 83.

Let’s see what are those :

  • QuickBooks Error 83 shows on the screen and window crashes.
  • Your system stuck automatically.
  • The computer starts working slow every now and then.
  • You can see a message coming on screen as  ” QuickBooks Error Code 83″.

Causes Behind The QuickBooks Error – 83

This error is related to the multi-user environment. When you do not have the required permission to access the company file, you are faced with this error. To be able to use QuickBooks seamlessly, you need to have the read/write access and delete/create rights pertaining to the location where the company file is stored.

Main reason behind the QuickBooks Error – 83

  • Damage or incomplete installation of  Company File or Folder .
  • Windows Firewall or other Browser Block the  QuickBooks Programs Or Files .
  • Wrong File extension .
  • More than one user trying to access the company file.
  • Permissions for QBDataService XX are not enough.
  • Network icon  always showing a limited connectivity .
  • Users can not make any changes- cannot access/delete/rename files or folder.

Ways of Resolving the QuickBooks Error 83

There are several reasons behind the error. We are exploring a few most common reasons and their solutions below:

  • Starts with closing the QuickBooks Desktop on the server by going to the File menu >>> Quit QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on the Start button of your keyboard.
  • Go to File Explorer and launch it or you can also click on the File Explorer option available on Taskbar.
  • Now, go to My Computer or This PC.
  • Double click and open C Drive available under My Computer/This PC.
  • After opening the C drive do the right click >>>>go to New>>> click New Folder which creates a new folder with a name.
  • Later on, you need to create the backup company file and save that file inside the folder which is created here in the C drive.
  • Finally, through this new backup restore your Company file.

If the above steps problem is not resolved you should start using the backup company file as the main company file and should v use the old company file.

To resolve the error while restoring a file the below 3 methods are listed below.

1. Method One: Verify the backup file name

  • Click the File Explorer option available on the taskbar 
  • Now, search for the folder where your backup resides having a .qbb extension.
  • Do right click on the company file name >>>> select Rename so that you can rename the company file
  • Check if there is any special character, symbols, space are mentioned that you have to remove them 
  • In the end, complete the process of restoring the company file

If still your problem is not solved go to the next step

2. Method Two: Steps to create a portable company file

  • If you are unable to restore the QBB extension file, then you need to open the company file from where you have made the backup.
  • First of all, create a portable company file
  • Once the portable file is created, use the same file to restore the company file
  • Still, not resolved then you must move to the next step

3. Method Three: Restoring the backup file from the hard drive

If the company file is placed on the server then first you have to move it to C drive after that restore the company file and again move that company file to the server

What to do if the company file is placed on Windows Server

1. Solution A: Turning off Hosting on the workstations

  • Open the QuickBooks on any of the computers
  • Now go to the options File >>> Utilities
  • Locate the Stop Hosting multi-user access feature and select the same under the Utility option
  • If you are getting the option “Host Multi Users Access ” but unable to locate the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access then you don’t have to select ” Host Multi-User Access “. In this case, you can go to the next computer and repeat this whole process on all the computers/workstations.

2. Solution B: Download and Use the QuickBooks file Doctor

3. Solution C: If you made the backup of the company file then you can restore the company file using the same backup

4. Solution D: How to edit Windows Host file

You need an Administrator account to perform the below steps m also you should be ready to write down the necessary information.

Step One: Get the detail of the IP address and computer name of the workstation and server
  • Press Windows + R and Run windows
  • Type cmd and click enter
  • Now you can see a new window name as a command prompt, type ipconfig/all and click Enter
  • The server name, IP address everything will be displayed. 
  • For every computer, you have to do all these steps
Step Two: How to edit Windows hosts file

The host file takes care of the static IP address. However, the dynamic address is used by the network then it can cause an error when the server is rebooted and if it gets some other IP address instead of the configured one. Windows servers must be configured to keep the same address always.

  • Quit you QuickBooks
  • Go to Start >>> My Computer
  • Follow the below-mentioned path
    • C:\system32\drivers\etc
    • C:\system64\drivers\etc
  • After entering to etc file, go to host file >>> right click and open with notepad
  • Now in the host file type the IP address which is supported by the computer. 
  • After giving the IP address save the host file and open the QuickBooks using multi-user mode after following the above steps 1 and 2.
  • Sometimes you might be asked to Save As Host file in the Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server 2008 due to UAC is on.
    • Mention the “host ” inside the Save as window file name field
    • Saving location should be Desktop >>> select Save
    • Once the file is saved go to Desktop and locate the hosts file available on the Desktop and copy it,
    • Now go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc >>> get the host’s file name and Rename it>>> Select to continue
    • Type Control + V and past the new host’s file and select continue

5. Solution E: Fix the QuickBooks error 83

Manually removing the QB Error 83 can be removed using the below steps.

Step One: Steps to set up Windows to Share your company file
  • First of all, update your QB to the latest release
  • Now, check the internet settings and firewalls on the server computer, workstations. 
  • Check if QuickBooks Desktop is running on the network
  • Set the folder permission in a way so that you can share the company folder with the company files.
Step Two: Scan the folder holding containing the company files
  • If the database server manager is not available then the first download and installs the QuickBooks Database server manager on the server.
  • Press the Windows button on the server computer
  • Now in the search bar type Database server and launch it
  • Scan the folder with your company file
  • Once done, go to the Start button and search File Explorer, and open it, alternatively, you can click File Explorer on the taskbar.
  • Now see if the folder which you scanned is available there.
  • See if the.ND file is available in the folder you scanned.  If anyways file is not available you need to again scan the folder
  • Finally, open the company file in QuickBooks
  • If you can easily open the company file then it is resolved
Step Three: Check the hosting settings
  • Check if in your system Database Server Manager has reset the hosting settings or not, because sometimes Database Server Manager reset the settings. If it happens then you can follow the above steps mentioned for Turn off hosting on the workstations.
  • After following the “Turn off hosting on the workstation”  try to open the company file
Step Four: Steps to Move your company file
  • Press Start button >>> go to File Explorer.
  • Now check the folder which contains your company file
  • After getting the company file, right-click the company file and copy it
  • Now paste the file on the space available on the Computer Desktop. 
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop again
  • Now click open, restore the existing company >>> open a Company file
  • Search for the company file which has been copied to the Computer Desktop

If now you can open the copy company file then it means file locations were the issue. Send the copied company file to the original folder.

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Go to the copied company file and give a right-click >>> click on rename. To make it easy add the “Updated” word to the filename so that you can identify it easily.
  • Open the folder which contains the original company file
  • Rename the original company file and rename it. Add the word ” old” here to the filename for easy identification.
  • Now drag the copied company file to the open folder from the Desktop
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on open or restore an existing company, then open the company file
  • Search and file which was copied, and from now onwards you will use the newly copied file
  • Finally, open the company file in QuickBooks. If you can use the company file easily then issues are resolved. If still QuickBooks Error 3 is bothering you go to the next part.

Below steps are followed if you know and are friendly about the Linux Server. You should have enough permission to perform the below steps.

1. Step One: Configure your Linux Server

  • Open the Linux Database Server Manager on your computer.
  • Set up the Database Server Manager and directory available in Inetd.conf file
  • Now finally restart the QuickBooks on the host computers.

2. Step Two: Configure your host file

Before proceeding first you need to ping the server so that you can get the server name and IP address. 

  • First, connect any one computer to the network, and after that click the Start button of the computer and open the run box.
  • You can also  press the Windows + R button together and type CMD in the run box 
  • Once command prompt window comes, type “Ping [Server Name]” >>> hit Enter button
  • Now you can see the server name and IP address

To edit the host file you can follow the below steps.

  • First of all close the QuickBooks on all the computers available on your network.
  • Click Start button >>> and locate the File Explorer and get into it(You can also click File explorer available on the Taskbar)
  • Now go to My Computer or This PC >>>> then go to C:drive\system32\etc\hosts
  • Open the host file with the help of notepad
  • At the base of the host file, mention the Linux server IP address, instead of the space bar key use tab key >>> mention your Linux server name
  • Select File >>> save host file and after that close Notepad
  • At the end of the solutions try to open the company file, hopefully, it will be fixed.

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Need Professional Help?

Following these simple troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve the error for good. In case you face any difficulty in dealing with the solution given above, get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support group. They are a third-party vendor having an excellent QuickBooks customer support helpdesk consisting of amazing experts who deal with various issues regarding QuickBooks and related products.

You can call on the toll-free helpline 📞 to get in touch with one of our QuickBooks Helpdesk Tech Experts.


  1. How to check your business data?

    To process this function:

    💠 Select the File, at that point select Utilities.
    💠 Select Verify Data, and then select OK to shut down all windows.
    💠 In any case, that you see “Your data has failed the integrity check” which indicates you need to rebuild your company file.
    💠 In any case, there are no issues with your information, you’re finished.

  2. What damages face while QuickBooks error 83 appears?

    Data Damage implies your organization record can’t be perused effectively by QuickBooks. This can be brought about by inside QuickBooks or outside location of file factors. Most of the data damage issues come with an LVL error in the QBWin.a  log can be fixed inside QuickBooks.

  3. How many alternatives do I have to fix the QuickBooks error 83?

    💠 Alternative 1: Check and verify your company restore file
    💠 Alternative 2: You can restore the backup company file from your nearby hard drive
    💠 Alternative 3: Make a portable company file 
    💠 Arrangement 4: Must be sure that you turn off all hosting at your workstations 
    💠 Alternative 5: To get instant help, run QuickBooks File Doctor

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