QuickBooks Error H202

When users use QuickBooks in multi-user mode they often pop up QuickBooks error messages like error code H202 on the screen. It usually occurs due to the multi-user connection failure by the server. This error message specifies that the company file is on another system and requires a connection.

It in turn results in QuickBooks unable to open the company file that appears on another system. Here in the below post, you will learn about how to resolve the QuickBooks error H202.

Why is QuickBooks Error H202 happening?

Below-mentioned is the list of causes of QuickBooks error H202: 

  • Mis-configuration of the Hosting Settings
  • Incorrect DNS settings 
  • QBCFMonitor or QuickBooksDBXX services are not executing 
  • .nd file is damaged or corrupted 
  • An issue with QuickBooks Database Service Manager 
  • Data exchange between server and QuickBooks is being blocked by the firewall program

Major Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H202 

  • When a user is unable to open a company file appears on another system
  • The error message with code H202 display on the screen 
  • Cannot switch to Multi-user mode 
  • A system may become sluggish 
  • Slow-down or freezes of the QuickBooks active window 

Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code E202

During troubleshooting of the error on the server, you need to sign in to the server with administrator credentials.

To ping the server you need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • First of all, in a workstation open a run window 
  • Write CMD in the search field 
  • Hit on OK button 
  • Ping your server for the Workstation by typing the below command:
  • Ping[Servername]
  • Press an Enter button 
  • Once you applied the steps related to all the workstations getting the issue 
  • If you receive a delayed reply or detect a packet loss it implies that there is a network problem and a fix is needed
  • Once done proceed with the further solution

The QuickBooks file doctor program is the most reliable software developed by Intuit. The QuickBooks File doctor helps to diagnose and fix the different types of issues including QB error H202. So use the tool to download it from any trustworthy and then run it.

To install & run the quickbooks database server manager, You just need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Initially, open the server 
  • Click on the Windows Start menu
  • Hit on it
  • Enter the database in the search box
  • It will display the list
  • Discover the QuickBooks database Server Manager
  • Find the folder with the Browse option 
  • Explore the folder with company files 
  • Select this folder 
  • Click the Start Scan option and hit on it 
  • It will start a QBDBSM fix which automatically repairs the Firewall Permissions 
  • It allows the scanning of the work
  • After this hit on the close option 
  • On each workstation in which error encounters, you have to Open QuickBooks 
  • Locate the file option and then hit on it
  • Discover the Switch to multi-user mode button and click on it 
  • Once you use the multi-user mode, you have successfully resolved the QuickBooks H202 error

Here are the steps you need to follow to start multi-user hosting mode when running a full version of QuickBooks:

  • Open the QuickBooks on the server
  • Discover the File option 
  • Click on the Utilities button
  • Discover Host multi-user access and select it 
  • Now check the running status of QBCFMonitorService and QuickbooksDBXX on the server. Walkthrough the below steps:
    • Firstly discover the Running Window 
    • Enter services.msc in the search box and then hit on OK button 
    • Select the QuickBooksDBXX in the appeared list 
    • Once done hit on the OK button 
    • Find the Startup type 
    • Verify if it is Automatic if not then set it
    • Check the Service status 
    • Verify if it started or Running 
    • If it is not running make it start 
    • Discover the Recovery option and then hit on it  
    • Click on the drop-down options for the first,2nd and proceeding failures 
    • Choose Restart the service button 
    • Click on Apply option 
    • Hit on OK button 

On the Server, the two services QBCFMonitorService and QuickBooksDBXXmust have Windows Admin Permissions. If they are not having the permissions ensure that you have them. Windows admin permissions to QuickBooks Services may fix QuickBooks error H202.

A firewall might be blocking data exchange between Server and QuickBooks. Here are the steps for firewall configuration on the server so that the QB and Server communication does not get hindered. 

Follow the steps:

  • Make exceptions in the Firewall 
  • Apply modifications to the firewall permissions 
  • Afterward, open the QuickBooks on all the Workstations 
  • Select Switch to Multi-user mode below the File option 

To add server to host file, you need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • The initial step is to close the QuickBooks 
  • Locate C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc or C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc on the server.
  • Click on Hosts file twice
  • Once prompted for software, select Notepad
  • Now enter IP address then system name 
  • Discover a workstation write the IP of the Server and system name to the particular name of the system and IP address 
  • Hit on the Tab button on the keyboard rather than the space bar 
  • Open the QuickBooks in multi-user mode and verify the QuickBooks H202 error 

To make a new folder for the company file, you need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Open the server to create a new folder
  • Apply modifications so that the newly created folder and QB company files can be shared 
  • Press Ctrl+C buttons altogether for copying the .qbw file to the newly created folder 
  • Open the QuickBooks Company file in the multi-user mode
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  1. What does QuickBooks File Doctor do to fix the QuickBooks Error H202?

    Install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. It will automatically detect and correct the QuickBooks Error H202. This process takes little time to finish the program.

  2. Are firewall failure causes the QuickBooks Error H202?

    The answer is YES because firewall configuration blocks connections throughout which you can share the data between the server and system. Before heading to fix the QuickBooks Error H202, make sure about firewall configurations and make all changes in the firewall permission section.

  3. How do I fix the QuickBooks Error H202?

    Ensure accurate network connectivity or add the server to the Windows host’s files are the most convenient ways to fix the QuickBooks Error H202.