QuickBooks Error Loading the Files From the Path

QuickBooks has made its place among one of the best accounting software in the world, owing to its super-smooth interface and the range of services it offers under a single umbrella. The fact that QuickBooks can cut down almost 90% of the manpower in the accounts department of small and medium-sized businesses makes it irreplaceable in any scenario.

However, at times when QuickBooks runs into an error while loading the files from the path, it could mean that the accounting process of your business is going to be hindered for a while. The best you can do it try all the basic troubleshooting you know. Accountingerrors help-team knows how hard it can get to tackle the error without proper knowledge about what causes it.

Many other similar to ‘Error:  Loading The Files From The Path’ errors could be resolved if you know the root issue of this particular error.

Here, our Help Desk will not only explain this error but also will troubleshoot it so that you can run your business without any repercussions.

What is QuickBooks Error: Loading The Files From The Path?

This error is related to the Sync Manager of your QuickBooks Desktop. Some malicious alteration to the Sync Manager could cause a discrepancy between the data and the server. However, it could be resolved by just a simple method we will later explore in this article.

QuickBooks Error – The File You Specified Cannot Be Opened

Causes, behind this error, are listed below

  • Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks installation or restore files
  • Missing program files cause this issue
  • Firewall settings don’t provide permit access to enter the main server and it leads to this problematic issue
  • An improper network connection is one of the major cause of this error

When does QuickBooks Error:  Loading The Files From The Path take place?

At times when you try to install, reinstall or update your Sync Manager, you receive the error stating:

There Was An Error Loading The Files from The Path. C:\Users\Brushm\AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager. Please Contact Customer Support For More Information’.

This error could be resolved by renaming the Sync Manager folder.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error: Loading The Files From The Path?

It is very easy. We will follow some quick steps provided below by our Accountingerrors help-team to resolve this error for good.

Follow on the below steps in the given sequence:

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Step One

    When the error appears on your screen, note down the path that appears in the dialogue box. (C:\Users\Brushm\AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager)

  2. Step Two

    Exit all the QuickBooks processes that are running by opening the Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the task manager and shut down all the running QuickBooks processes.

  3. Step Three

    Now go to the System Tray of your Windows OS and right-click on the Sync Manager Choose Exit.

  4. Step Four

    Open your Windows Explorer and follow the path you noted down from the error dialogue box. Go to the address bar and paste it there.

  5. Step Five

    Now, click on the name of the Sync Manager folder and change its name to Obsolete.

  6. Step Six

    Open your QuickBooks Desktop and sign in. QuickBooks will regenerate the Sync Manager

  7. Step Seven

    Now go to the Sync Manager of QuickBooks Desktop and Sync the data.

  8. Step Eight

    The issue is resolved.

Solution for Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo for Path

Need Professional Help?

This simple solution provided by our Accountingerrors Help team will resolve the error pertaining to Sync Manager and you should be able to Sync your files now. If you face any difficulty while performing the task, or you need some assistance with QuickBooks related product, you can get in touch with QuickBooks Technical Support Team at .


  1. How do I fix installation error?

    Installation or backup file restoration errors usually occur due to weak network connections or missing files. To fix this issue make sure about network connectivity. If you update your QuickBooks file timely, it makes a way to run with error-free accounting software with fast access.

  2. How am I able to change my QuickBooks file location?

    To change the file locations, first of all, open that folder where your file was already saved. Hit the right on your company file and copy the file. After that, go and open that location where you want to save the file. After finding the location, paste the file in your selected folder

  3. Would I be able to transfer the files from one place to another in QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks gives you access to import and export lists such as vendor list, chart of accounts, and customer list from one company file location to another location. There is no integrated way to transfer some QuickBooks files likewise set up information and transactions. To move it from one place to another, you need to open the reports via excel and review all data.

  4. How does my QuickBooks file get corrupted?

    QuickBooks files usually get corrupted or damaged due to overloaded data, dish crashes, older versions, and network glitches. QuickBooks introduces QuickBooks Doctor Tool, to fix all QB errors automatically – install this application from the web page directly. It will automatically detect and correct the data. If you need any kind of help, approach the QuickBooks Support team.

  5. How would I Check my QuickBooks version?

    To find your license number and product number, open your QuickBooks first. Then hit your click on the F2 key and you view the product number, product license in your product information window. To view the current version, see at the end of your product name.

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