QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006

QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006

What is Error Code 6150, 1006 in Quickbooks

QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006 occurs while trying to create, open, or work on a QuickBooks company file. The error code indicates that there may be some issues with the company file that need to be addressed. Many times, the CryptoWall virus and other malicious software can cause such errors. That’s why check for Cryptowall or use the Auto Data Recovery tool to fix it.

Error Name: QuickBooks Error Code 6150, 1006

Error Message: We are sorry. Quickbooks could not open your company file.

We’ll try to fix the problem. Click start to begin

If the problem continues, contact support for assistance and report error codes: (-6150, -1006).

QuickBooks is an accounting software largely utilized by millions of small and medium-sized businesses across the world. It has a smooth interface that offers a variety of accounting and finance-related services to help you cut down on the cost and time invested in the full-fledged accounting team.

Consequently, it has become a need for businesses across the world. However, some errors, i.e. QuickBooks Error Message 6150 And 1006 make it difficult for you to carry on with using QuickBooks on a daily basis. Our Accounting Errors QuickBooks help the team analyze the struggle users face with this error and its origin, which has helped us troubleshoot the issue. In this article, we are going to provide you with a resolution to this issue. Follow on to understand the error and how to troubleshoot it.

QuickBooks Error Message 6150 And 1006: It is important to understand what causes this error so that even if you troubleshoot it, you know how to stop it from occurring again. This error mostly happens because of some discrepancy in the location of the company file.

You see this error appear on your computer screen: We’re sorry QuickBooks couldn’t open your company file. We’ll try to troubleshoot the problem. Click Start to begin. If the problem continues, contact support for assistance and report the error codes: (6150, 1006).

Why QuickBooks Error 6150 And 1006 happens?

There are two reasons why this error takes place:

  • The company file has been damaged somehow.
  • The file has got infected by a certain virus.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006


System Requirements to avoid QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006

system requirements

Precautions to take before Resolutions QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006

precautions to take

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 6150 And 1006?

Follow this simple troubleshooting method to resolve QuickBooks Error 6150 And 1006 without delay.

Follow the instructions in the given manner to achieve the result:

Creating a new QuickBooks Desktop company file. Make sure you provide it with a new name to avoid any conflict. Keeping the name the same as the old one will erase all the saved data on your QuickBooks Desktop. We do not want that.

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your computer and double-click on it.
  • There will open a window: No Company Open. You need to click on the Create a New Company.
  • You will see two options in front of you: Express Start and Detailed Start. Choose either of them.
    • Choosing Express Start:
      1. Click on Express Start.
      2. You will see the QuickBooks Setup window.
  • From here, choose Create Company.
    • Once you have created the Company File, you need to create the customers, chart of accounts and services. In case you do not want to setup it all right now, click on Start Working.
    • Choosing Detailed Start:
      1. Select Detailed Start.
      2. You will see the next window: Easy Step Interview. Fill it out. And proceed to Next.
  • Choose the desired industry and select Next.
  • Now spot your type of Business Entity and proceed to Next.
  • Fill out the Fiscal Year’s first month and proceed to Next.
  • In the next step, fill out the password for QuickBooks Administrator and proceed to Next.
  • Navigate to the location you desire to save your new Company File and proceed to Save.
  • Once the Company file is saved, customize your QuickBooks Desktop by clicking on next. However, you can also do it later if you choose the Leave option.
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