QuickBooks File in Use Error

QuickBooks is an impressive accounting software ruling the domain ever since it was incorporated. Being extremely efficient in handling accounts and finance operations, it is not a surprise that it is used by millions of businessmen across the world. It is the backbone of those small and medium-sized companies who cannot afford to appoint lots of people for their accounting department.

However, QuickBooks File in Use Error makes it hard to move your business further at times. We get caught up in unsolvable trouble with QuickBooks whenever it runs in this kind of error. Our Accountingerrors help-team is going to help you out with this error in this article.

What is QuickBooks File In Use Error

Where it is easier to work on QuickBooks, at times our work is halted all of a sudden when we try to open a file but we couldn’t. QuickBooks File In Use Error pops-up on the screen when you try to open a file or work on it. The messages that appear look like this:

  1. Company file in use
  2. Feature in use
  3. Another user is doing #####
  4. Transaction in use

How to Resolve QuickBooks File in Use Error

There are two solutions to this error. Both of them have different case applicability.

Follow on with us to resolve this error:

1. First Method:

This method applies to your problem if the same message appears on more than one computer system.

  1. See how many host computers are there and then stop the hosting of the file on all of the computer systems:
    • To do this, go to your QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Browse the File Menu and opt for Utilities
      • You will either see Stop Hosting Multi-user Access or Host Multi-user Access. In case of Stop Hosting Multi-user Access, we will select it and hit Yes, but if Host Multi-user Access appears then we will stop it.
    • Now, we will shut down QuickBooks.
    • The same method until option c is to be repeated on all the computer systems in the workstation.
    • Finally, we will go to QuickBooks once again and try to access the service at which QuickBooks has shown the error message. If the service is running, then the issue is gone.
  2. Now, we will go to the server, stop the QuickBooks service there and start it again.
    • Before accessing the server, make sure that QuickBooks is not running on any of the computer systems on the workstation.
    • Press Windows + R Keys to open Run
    • Type msc in the designated area and hit ok.
    • A list will appear. In the list, go to the Name column and opt for Now, hit the Stop link that appears in the top left of the screen. This step will terminate the permission to all the users to access the company file. (XX in QuickBooksDBXX stands for QuickBooks version)
    • Now, spot the Start link, click on it to allow all the users to use company file.
Need Professional Help?

The above-mentioned solutios provided by our Accountingerrors help-team shall troubleshoot the QuickBooks File in Use Error. If you face some difficulty while carrying out the process, or you need some assistance with other QuickBooks related products, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support Team.  Talk to them via the toll free number .

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