QuickBooks Form 941 Error

QuickBooks Form 941 Error: Balance due is over $2,500 error message is displayed when the taxes exceeds $2500. Let’s quickly get an overview of Form 941. It is a form that is based on the Quarterly Federal Tax return of an employer and is filed in every quarter.

As per the instructions given by the Internal Revenue Service, if your taxes for a quarter are more than $2,500 then you have to submit the tax liabilities and the dues at an authorised financial institution. If your taxes are less than $2,500 then you can easily pay them with Form 941 rather than depositing the money.

Form 941 is a document that comprises of three things:

  • The net amount restrained from the employee pay for Federal Income Tax of the preceding quarter.
  • The amount that should be paid by the employer for his FICA tax share.
  • The amount that has been already submitted for the payroll from preceding quarter.
Note: The form 941 should be capitulated to the Internal Revenue Service at the end of each quarter within 30 days. Customers who have the subscription of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard or is enhanced with e-file and e-pay services, they can submit their tax liabilities electronically.

Causes Of Form 941 Error

Here are some of the usual errors that you do while finalizing the Form 941, these errors can result in the wrong reporting to IRS like over-reporting and under-reporting.

For example if by mistake you fill the wrong values in the fields mentioned below:

  • Credits to COBRA premium assistance payments
  • Wages, tips, and other compensation
  • Taxable Medicare wages and tips
  • Income tax withheld from wages, tips, and other compensation

How To Fix The Form 941 Error?

For this, we need to use the Form 941-X, Form 941-X is divided into five sections and these sections lets you solve the Form 941 Error:

  • The first Section includes the information related to Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund.
  • The second section comprises of the questions to find out the details on why you want to fill this form.
  • The third Section copies the original 941 form and prompts you to correct the fields that were earlier filled incorrectly.
  • In the fourth section, you are asked the comprehensive explanation on why you are doing these corrections.
  • In the last section, you need to sign the document that you used.

You can prepare the Form 941-X in the QuickBooks Desktop.

When Should one File Form 941?

Form 941 is to be filed on quarterly basis like:

  • For the first quarter that ends on 31st March, you should submit the Form 941 by the end of April.
  • For the second quarter, ending on 30th June, submit the form by July end.
  • For the third quarter that ends on 30th September, submit the form by October end.
  • And for the fourth quarter, that ends on 31st December, submit the form by January end.
Note: Form 941-X is filed when you come to know that while filing the previous form 941, there were some errors.
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  1. Why did I receive the QuickBooks Form 941 error?

    This error appears when the total sum of your tax amount that you are paying in a quarter exceeds more than the limit, you will receive an error process form 941 via QuickBooks. As per the employer’s guide, go through the terms & conditions first to avoid these errors.

  2. How can I correct form 941 to fix the QuickBooks Form 941 Error?

    Firstly, choose the Payroll process from the tab. Go to the File forms section and click on the Quarterly form 941-X-Adjusted Employer’s quarterly federal tax return or you can also claim a refund. Choose the create Form. Check and verify that an accurate period is entered or not in the filing period section.

  3. Is reconciliation Form 941 helps to get rid of QuickBooks Form 941 Error?

    It might help you, firstly to be sure about the reason behind the error. To do it, go to the drop-down menu bar, choose the Employees section. Then, choose the Payroll Tax forms and W-2s. Hit the next click on the Process payroll forms. Check and verify the file history section to find the saved form. Then, hit the double-click on it. Choose the Quarterly Form 941 from the file menu. After this, select the accurate quarter and click on the OK to end with this process.

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