QuickBooks Mojave Crash

QuickBooks Mac Mojave Crash Error

Do you listen about that QuickBooks Mojave crash Mac users? Are you facing this issue? If yes then be careful while updating your QuickBooks Mac Operating System. People are facing this issue of crashing when they do update their OS and then run or open the QuickBooks program. If you are also going to update your OS and then going to use the QuickBooks then do follow the procedure for this issue. We are going to tell you the procedure that we get from our professional Technical Support Team to help you out.

What are the Steps for the QuickBooks Mojave Crash Error Issue?

The main reason behind this is an outdated program of QuickBooks that cause this problem. There is the way that you can troubleshoot this issue to fix this crashing error. The steps we are providing below that you have to follow to get out of this situation.

The Troubleshooting steps are:-

  1. Firstly, Update your QuickBooks application to the latest version
    1. Open your computer then open the QuickBooks application by double-clicking on it
    2. Now click on QuickBooks from the Taskbar at the top and select the option of “Check for QuickBooks Updates”
    3. Now there are on-screen instructions to update it so follow it accordingly
  2. After updating it Run Verify or Rebuild the data tool
    1. Open the QuickBooks then go to the File menu
    2. In File menu Select the Utility option
    3. Click on the Verify Data and wait for the completion of process
    4. If issues are detected in the file of company data, then you need to run the Rebuild Data tool
    5. For running the tool go to the Utility option in the File menu and select Rebuild Data
    6. Now again run the Verify Data tool
    7. If the Verify/Rebuild process fails then try to restore your system
  3. You need to restart your computer/laptop in Safe Mode
    1. For restarting your system, when you restart it press and hold the shift button until you saw the screen of your desktop
    2. Open QuickBooks application and check if you are still facing the same issue or not
    3. If you don’t get that error again, then this points towards an application installed on your computer that might be clashing with QuickBooks
    4. Now to verify, again restart your computer in normal mode and open the QuickBooks program. If still it’s not opening then contact us immediately.

Our team gives strict instructions for you that if you want to get rid of this problem you have to follow all the steps of the procedure one by others. Still, if you are getting confused or got stuck somewhere in it then we are here to help you in that.

Contact us

For reaching us dial our QuickBooks Support Toll-free Number 1855-481-5338. We are available 24*7 to help you out.

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