QuickBooks Online Subscribers Reached to a Staggering 2.3 Million

It looks like everything is going better than the plan for Intuit. Latest figures released by them display the overall improvement they have made in just a year. The daunting task of gaining 2.3 million subscribers for QuickBooks online has been achieved by the technical giant.

Brad Smith, Chief Executive officer and chairman of Intuit said,” This was another strong quarter for Intuit, with a hard-fought tax season delivering the revenue we promised along with continued momentum in our QuickBooks franchise.” The results of Intuit’s endeavor have indeed been good.

Here are the key insights from the report released by Intuit:

  • QuickBooks online users have crossed the 2 million mark. An increase of 59 percent.
  • User base for QuickBooks Self Employed has doubled and reached 360,000
  • Revenue grew by 10% and reached beyond USD 2 billion

Since last year, Intuit shifted its focus towards Small Businesses. Their revenue from small businesses augmented by 16 percent. Further, 350,000 small businesses as QuickBooks online subscribers. Further, Intuit has also attracted international customers. 433,000 QuickBooks online users are from outside US. Also, they have introduced their products in markets of Singapore. QuickBooks also has its own app store featuring a total of 1,545 apps.

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