QuickBooks QBXML File

If you use both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, you need to download files from one and upload them on the other.

Sometimes it happens that you downloaded a file and find yourself unable to operate it no matter what you try. At times, you may find that the file is not executable. That means you have downloaded the QuickBooks QBXML file and it needs to be executed with a proper application.

The Accountingerrors QuickBooks help-team has come across many such requests asking for the troubleshooting of the problem. Our QuickBooks technical support team is always there to help you out with QuickBooks related issues.

Why does QBXML file doesn’t work?

First point to note before proceeding with downloading and working with QBXML file is that it couldn’t be used for a QuickBooks import. Also, it couldn’t be opened by QuickBooks even for reading purpose.

If you want to import the important data from over QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop, follow the solutions provided below.

Resolving QuickBooks QBCXML File Related Problem:

QuickBooks: Convert QBXML to QBW

We will follow these simple steps provided below to ensure that we are able to import QBXML file from QBO. Please ensure that you follow all the steps provided below with a great caution for even a little bit of deviation.

will hinder you from resolving your issue:

Total Time: 8 minutes

  1. Step One

    Open your QuickBooks Online and login with your account details.

  2. Step Two

    Go to the Gear Icon given at the top of the screen, click it and choose Export Data from the drop-down menu.

  3. Step Three

    Go to Get Started and click it.

  4. Step Four

    You will get the guidance from the prompt on your screen. In the very First Step: Prepare to Export, install ActiveX Control by clicking the install button.

  5. Step Five

    Click Install ActiveX Control Now.

  6. Step Six

    Once the screen shows you the confirmation message of the installation being done. >> Hit Continue.

  7. Step Seven

    Go to the Data you want to export, choose it and hit Continue.

  8. Step Eight

    In the third step: Request Your Data Page, review that your data is going to be changed once you have completed the export. Now, hit Continue.

  9. Step Nine

    You will need to type your contact information in the next page and click Continue afterwards.

  10. Step Ten

    Finally, hit Close.

Importing The QBXML File Into QuickBooks

  • To import the QBXML File to QuickBooks Desktop Powershell
  • You need to first install the CData Cmdlets for that Computer which is having the QBXML file saved.
  • Now install the Remote connector on the computer hosting  QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Once you have installed the Cmdlets and Remote Connector on the respective computer you can easily import the QBXML file to QuickBooks Desktop.

Verifying that the import was successful:

Once you are done with the importing part of the data, it’s time to check whether it’s working for the purpose you downloaded it for.

QuickBooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided Xml Text Stream

Finally, run a Balance sheet and a Profit and Loss report to check if the answers do match. The report must be run on an accrual basis and For All Dates in both of the programs.

Need Professional Help?

Please make sure that no data was entered in any of the reports after exporting the. If the data still doesn’t match, get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

Following the solution provided above will ensure that you are able to import the data from QuickBooks Online to your QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you get stuck at some point or need some technical support in performing the operations within QuickBooks, we recommend you to get in touch with our QuickBooks Tech Support Team on . The team has brilliant experts who can resolve any QuickBooks related issue.


  1. What is a Qbxml file?

    Information file made by the online variant of QuickBooks, company cash the board program; contains organization money related information in XML design. QBXML documents are normally traded to reinforcement money related information in XML design or to move QuickBooks information in a configuration that is more generally upheld than QuickBooks designs.

  2. How would I import a Qbxml file into QuickBooks?

    💠 QBXML Conversion 
    💠 Double-tap on the downloaded QB Mac Installer. 
    💠 Drag the QuickBooks symbol to the Applications envelope. 
    💠 Double-tap the QuickBooks symbol to open the application.

  3. How would I make a common installment in QuickBooks?

    💠 Select Processing Tools
    💠 Create a Recurring Charge
    💠 Select Create a Recurring Payment to set up another charge
    💠 or select Manage Recurring Payments to alter, plan, and deal with your common charges.

  4. I am having a copy of the QBXML file. How to upload it to a new QuickBooks online account?

    Importing a QBXML file to QuickBooks online is not possible. If you are transferring the QuickBooks online account from one account to another.

    You need to remember the below points.

    💠 Sending QBXML files from one QuickBooks online account to another is can be possible in one way. First of all export the file to QuickBooks Desktop and then select Company >>> Export File to QuickBooks Online. Now you can log in to the new company and also can export data to the new QBO file.
    💠 You can Import data to QuickBooks online from 60 days of the file creation date.
    💠 You can transfer or export the data of QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online but that will overwrite the QB online existing file.

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