QuickBooks Read Only Error

When users try to replace the company file with a backup or portable file, the following error message might be seen:

[Company_Name].qbw This file is set to read-only. Try again with a different file name.

Solutions of Quickbooks Read Only Error

There are a few solutions to this problem. One of the solutions, a combination of them or sometimes all of them might have to be tried to fix the error. It is recommended that the solutions be tried in the order they are provided below.

Programs or users can set the properties of Windows files. Users can change the read-only attribute of the company file to prevent the above message from appearing. The issue can also be resolved by running QuickBooks as administrator in Windows Vista or 7. This does away with resetting the read-only attribute on several files.

1. Solution One : Running QuickBooks as Administrator

  • First, users must close QuickBooks and then right-click on the QuickBooks icon. Then, they should ‘Properties’, which will open the ‘Properties’ window. In this window, they must choose ‘Compatibility Tab’.
  • At the bottom, in ‘Privileged Level’, users must select the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ box and select OK.
  • When this is done, users must attempt to open or restore the company file.

2. Solution Two : Removing read-only attribute when error occurs

First, users must select OK in the ‘Save Company File As’ window and then, right-click the company file. Then, they should choose ‘Properties’ and in the General tab window, uncheck the ‘Read-only’ box. Then, they should select OK and choose ‘Save’ to replace the company file with the file that’s being restored.

3. Solution Three : Opening the original file and restoring it

Users must first open the previous version of the company file in QuickBooks and try to restore the backup file or the portable version once more.

4. Solution Four : Removing the read-only attribute in Windows

Users must open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location where the company file is stored. They must then right-click on the company file and choose ‘Properties’. Then, they should uncheck the ‘Read-only’ box located at the bottom of the General tab window and select OK. When this done, users must try to restore the company file once more.

5. Solution Five : Renaming the original file before restoring it to same location

Users must first go to the location of the original company file, as mentioned in the second solution above. Then, they should right-click on the original file and choose ‘Rename’. Now, they should rename the file as (Company file)old.qbw. When done, users must try restoring the company file once more.

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  1. What does QuickBooks Read only error defines?

    There is some file on the hard drive that is set to read-only where you can’t make any editions. To make new changes, firstly you have to remove the read-only feature in the file explorer. Once you have done then try to open the QuickBooks as an administrator. Then, open the file, if no issue is found you are all resolved with this error.

  2. How can I change the QuickBooks Read-only attribute to fix the error?

    First of all, open windows explorer and then select the file that you want to edit. Hit the right-click on the File name and then choose the “Properties” menu. HIt the next click on the “General” tab and clear the “Read-only” check box to clear the read-only attributes/features or you can choose the box to set it. After this, click on the “Window Start” menu and then write the “cmd” in the search box.

  3. How can I change the format of the read-only file in QuickBooks?

    Open your QuickBooks and then choose the files that are available in the read-only format. Hit the right-click on the selected company files. Hit the click on it and all options will appear on your screen. Choose the Properties from the main menu option. After this, unmark the checkmark in the read-only box under the features section. hit the Apply button and you are done with this program.

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