QuickBooks Sales Tax Payable is Wrong

Most of States have some or the other form of sales tax which is levied on the businesses with respective to a lot of things. Thus, small firms face the obstacle of sticking tothe local and out of state sales tax guidelines.

Sales tax guidelines need companies to trace the taxable and non-taxable sales distinctly. At the same time, the companies may even calculate tax on every transaction and then report the brief reports or the summaries of each of them on every periodic sales tax return.

In this case, it has enabled all the business managers to flawlessly manage all of their sales tax reporting needs in a sole accounting system and it also provides the user the capability to adjust all the sales tax dues.

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How to Rectify the Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax in QuickBooks?

  • QuickBooks makes use of a dedicated Pay Sales Tax section to store all the mandate sales tax liability payments aptly without any fault. When all the payments are made with the help of other transaction sorts, like Make General Journal Entries, Pay Bills or Write Checks, in that case, the Pay Sales Tax dialog box will surely not show up the payments correctly. In this case, you would have to make correctly paid sales tax with the help of Pay Sales Tax dialog box.
  • There will be an option to rectify the wrong Recorded Sales Tax task. This function can be used to classify and rectify the transaction whenever a particular client gavethe sales tax liability outside the set mentioned Pay Sales Tax function.
  • The image below displays all the negative line entry which will be contained in the Pay Sales Tax section when a Write Checks transaction is made. It is also assigned to a particular sales tax payable liability account as well as payable to sales tax vendor. Correctly recorded sales tax payments are surely going to have a transaction sort of TAXPMT right in the checkbook register.

What will it Rectify?

The process of rectifying the sales tax errors will classify as well as modify all the non-sales-tax payable type transactions which are basically used to pay sales tax liability with the help of a Void and Replace operation.

The function will classify any Write Checks transactions exactly where the payee is similar as an allocated payee for any sort of sales tax item. This particular function will not classify any vendor bill payment checks as well as the vendor bills. Also, journal entries which are saved payments for a Sales Tax Liability.

In case, this is the first erroneously recorded sales tax transaction modification, you might want to alter the “to” date to contain the today’s date. This will make sure that you are watching over all sales tax payable transactions which were earlier indecorously recorded with the help of the incorrect transaction in QuickBooks.

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