QuickBooks Scheduled Backups Won’t Work Windows 10

Schedule Backups Won’t Work Windows 10 QuickBooks  Service

In QuickBooks, Scheduled Backups enable users to automate backups for QuickBooks company files to avoid any accidental loss of data. A backup may be performed on a network drive, local hard disk, or USB drive.  The computer on which the backup is scheduled must be on, for the backup process to take place.

However, after installing the Windows 10 update, the backup task may fail to work. This happens when:

  • The company file name consists of more than 65 characters.
  • An .ADR extension is included in the file name.
  • The size of company file is more than 3 GB.
  • Attempting to save backup to external flash drive or drive.

Causes of Quickbooks Scheduled Backup not Working

Some of the reasons for the “QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working” error are listed below:

  • QuickBooks is set up to run for a different version of windows, for example- QuickBooks is configured for window vista or XP or any version of windows and you are using window 7.
  • Improper set up.
  • The outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop is a big reason behind that.
  • Damaged the QuickBooks Company File.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working Issue

You need to perform the following steps to fix the “QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working” error:

  • Checks scheduled Automatic backup Settings
  • Rename QB company file
  • Set up your QuickBooks to use the newly created company file name
  • Backup the Company file on an external flash drive or drive
  • Download and Install QuickBooks Update
  • Run QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility
  • Verify Scheduled Automatic Backup Settings in QuickBooks
  • Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode for your Windows Version
  • Select an In-built tool for the solution

Before going into the steps below, first, ensure that QuickBooks Desktop has been updated:

1. Method One: Checks scheduled Automatic backup Settings

Use the steps below to set up or verify scheduled QuickBooks automatic backup settings:

  • In this reference you need to open the QuickBooks then go to File menu >>> click on Save Copy or Backup Windows
  • Now click on Backup Copy >>> Click on Next
  • Check if you had set  the backup to defaults, if not click on Set your backup defaults >>> click on Next
  • Select the location to save the backup >>> click Next
  • You can click on several options save it now and schedule a future backup or only schedule the future backup option then click next
  • Save the backup copy automatically when you close the company file times box.
  • Enter the numbers in the field (number)and finally click Finish.

2. Method Two: Rename QB company file

Steps to Change/rename the QuickBooks Company File Name:

  • Launch your QuickBooks application and open to the company file.
  • Next, press on the F2 key or Ctrl + 1 key on the keyboard. The Product Information window will be open to you.
  • Go through the File Information field and note down the company file location from the list.
  • Exist from QuickBooks Error.
  • Navigate to the company file location that you have noted down.
    • For Windows 8/ 8.1 or 10: Right-click on the Start button then click on File Explorer.
    • For Windows 7 or Vista: Right-click on the Start button then click on Open Windows Explorer.
  • Select rename option by right-clicking on the file.
  • Now, create a new name for the company file and hit Enter. Click on Yes to confirm the action.

QuickBooks Automatic Backup not Working

3. Method Three:  Set up your QuickBooks to use the newly created company file name

Set up your QuickBooks to use the newly created company file name using the steps below:

  • Go to QuickBooks File menu and click on restore or Open an existing company.
  • Click on Open a Company File option and click NEXT.
  • Next, select New Company File Name then click OPEN.

4. Method Four: Backup the Company file on an external flash drive or drive

Some users have reported that scheduled company file backups work fine when saved to an external drive. To back up a QBW file to an external drive, use the steps below:

  • Open to File menu and click on Backup or Save Copy.
  • Next, click on Backup copy then select NEXT.
  • Choose Local Backup then click NEXT.
  • Click on Save It Now when asked, click on Next.
  • Browse to company file location on the local drive (generally, this is in C:\ Drive), and then click on Save button.
  • Minimize the QuickBooks Windows and look for the backup file on local drive.
  • Right-click on backup file and select Copy.
  • Next, open to Windows Explorer window.
  • Double-click the drive that corresponds to the flash drive or external drive to open it.
  • Right-click your mouse and select Paste.

Error Restoring QuickBooks Backup File

5. Method Five: Download and Install QuickBooks Update

Firstly download and install a new update of QuickBooks Desktop.

6. Method Six: Run QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

This is a built-in tool that identifies a damaged QuickBooks company file and displays the “Your data has lost integrity” error. It further repairs the files automatically.

Use the steps below to use this tool:

  • Firstly open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • From File tab->select utilities then-> verify data option.
  • QuickBooks scan all the errors & corruption.
  • Now get a message Your Data has Lost Integrity close it and again Click File tab.
  • Utilities section -> Select Utilities-> Rebuild Data.
  • Now click OK at the Backup company data window and get a backup on your data on your desktop.
  • Click OK.
  • QuickBooks Rebuild Data Tool will remove and resolve all the damage of Company File.
  • When you get a message Rebuild has Completed then press OK.
  • Once again scheduled automatic backup .

QuickBooks Crash Com Error Windows 10, 8, 7

7. Method Seven: Verify Scheduled Automatic Backup Settings in QuickBooks

Follow the instructions in the article to Verify Scheduled Automatic Backup Settings in QuickBooks:

  • Firstly open QuickBooks ->File menu->Backup .
  • Open, Save copy or Backup windows->Backup copy, if confirm then click Next.
  • Choose your folder or location where you want to save your backup data.
  • Click Next.
  • Then choose on the several options and save it.
  • Now select Only schedule future backup options and press Next.
  • In the final step, choose the save backup copy automatically when I close my company file every time.
  • Press Finish option.

8. Method Eight: Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode for your Windows Version

Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode According to Your Windows Version Using these Steps:

  • Right click on the QuickBooks icon and Select properties.
  • Then go to the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for option.
  • Click the drop down->select your windows version.
  • Click apply and press OK.
  • Check the issue is resolved.

9. Method Nine: Select an In-built tool for the solution

Use the steps below to select a built-in tool for your error resolution:

  • Go to your Desktop and double click the QB software icon
  • Go to Utility option
  • Select Verify Data option
  • After clicking the Verify Data option QB starts scanning the file and search errors if any
  • You might get the message related to the loss of Data integrity. Close this message
  • Go to the File section >>> Select the option Rebuild Data from Utilities
  • At this step, if you get any pop-up window click ok
  • Here files will start getting repaired
  • Once the rebuilding is completed you see the message on the screen.
  • Turn on the automatic feature “QuickBooks scheduled backup log”.

If the problem is still not resolved, Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop application using the Clean Install Tool.

How to Create The Backup in Quickbooks

Follow the instructions below to create a backup manually in QuickBooks:

  • Open the QuickBooks and click on the File menu
  • Now choose the company >>> click “create local backup”
  • Select the local backup after that click Next
  • Select a new option and after that add on the description, location, and number of the backup copies which you want to keep
  • Choose the date and time
  • Finally save your password and click ok >>> Click Finish

Backup Reminder Steps

To set up backup reminders use these steps in orderly:

  • Open the QuickBooks and go to the File menu
  • Select Copy and Backup option
  • Click Next and then click on Option
  • Choose the location for the data storage
  • Create a reminder so that whenever you close the data you can get a reminder to create a backup and then confirm the same
  • Mention the date, time of the backup
  • Finally click ok
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  1. Why are my QuickBooks failing in backup processing?

    This problematic issue may be related to the media, yet it’s regularly brought about by data corruption issues. Here, you can go with DIY fixes:  with these fixes, you can rebuild your company data (Rebuild Data File/Utilities/) and attempt once more. The Rebuild order can regularly fix things in the record that keeps a confirmed backup from being made.

  2. Is it possible to run QuickBooks backup automatically?

    QuickBooks has two programmed techniques to back up your company file. The main strategy makes a backup company file each time you close the document. You set the recurrence of how regularly QuickBooks makes the backup. QuickBooks stores this backup document on your hard drive under the QuickBooks index in an organizer named “Auto Backup”.

  3. How would I be able to change the number of backups in QuickBooks?

    In window 10, you have to choose the “Local Backup ” option and then afterward click on the Next. In the Local Backup specific location, choose the “Browse” option, and then select the folder where you want to save your company file. You can also set the quantity of backup you need to keep, this is optional. 

  4. Would you be able to email a QuickBooks backup of the record?

    QuickBooks offers a huge choice of approaches to send or spare duplicates of your information including a Backup Copy, an Accountant’s Copy, or a Portable Company document. The Portable Company record is a unique, profoundly packed, adaptation of your information that is ideal for messaging by and large.

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